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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jasper National Park, Alberta, Part 2

Well, up there is where we're headed this morning, and we are getting there via the gondola below. 
There were 26 of us crammed into this car, and we somehow made it to Stephen Kings Palace on the Mountain.  (I made that up.  It sure looks like something out of one of his paperbacks.
Here are some of our group waiting for our gondola.
Above in the crammed gondola, 26 of us.  The second gondola carried the rest of us up to breakfast on the mountain.  Below, another view of folks waiting for their ride to the top.
Here we are seated for our little breakfast.  It was just, ok.  All these folks are from our group.
Some of our folks opted for a walk after breakfast up the rest of the mountain, about 600 yards.  I passed, or I would have passed out.  :-)
Here are a few pics of some of the folks out walking around the Palace!
We could see for miles around from up here, around 6000 feet up.  Above, Jasper.  Below Whistler's RV Park, where we camped.  And the mountain below that, is Mount Robson, about 10 miles away, and the tallest peak in Jasper NP.
The afternoon was free time for everyone, and we opted to drive about 20 miles to Maligne Lake.  The only Caribou we saw was on this sign, so far.  The drive out to the lake was just stunning.
Believe it or not, there are many scenes such as these all along the Trans-Can Highway, thru these Canadian National Parks. 
Maligne Lake was a resort where folks can go to spend a month or a day.  Cabins, lodge and camping are all available.  Very romantic, if you are of that inclination.  :-)
On the drive back from the lake, we found these bighorns scratching the parking lot for salt residue from winter ice melting.  They crave the salt we're told.
And these little guys were already in the "butting" stage of predominance for "alpha".  All these Ewes and small fry were the offspring of one old ram. 
And here is the old guy resting and watching his harem and kids play.
And here is one of the gals munching on a nearby sweet leaf.
Well, that about wraps our day on the mountain and at the lake.  What an inspiring & relaxing day it was.  Oh the memories of such a beautiful place.  And that about wraps up our Jasper NP blog, in two parts.  So, till our next blog, RVing Beach Bums still RVing towards Alaska.  This blog was written from Teslin Lake, Yukon on Wednesday, July 24.  Tomorrow, Whitehorse, YK.

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