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Joe and Nancy
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Monday, July 1, 2013

USOC Training Center, CO Springs, CO

After we drove back down from Pikes Peak, we drove over on the other side of town (Colorado Springs) and took in a tour of one of our three Olympic training facilities.  The other two are in Lake Placid, NY and San Diego (Chula Vista), CA.  It was very warm, around 90 or so, and I wasn't 100% just yet, from the 14,200 foot excursion earlier.  But, I wanted to see the facility.  By the time we finished the tour, Nancy was feeling a little queasy.  Not from the Peak, but from going in & out of A/C and the heat during the tour.  See her thru one of the rings above hustling to the Jeep.  :-(
This young Olympian was our guide.  He was a fencer.  He had been at the facility for three years.   His name was Jason Pryor, and he was originally from Ohio State.  What was interesting about him, but not surprising because of his sport I presumed, was that he walked backwards during the whole tour while he talked to us.
Gym for gymnastics.
This was our group.  Below in the gym...
The Olympic pool.
These pics were taken thru glass, so quality is a little below par.
Here are a couple pics or so from the foyer/entrance of the facility.  Above Edwin Moses and below Cassius Clay, aka, Muhammad Ali.
Jesse Owens
Wrestling facility
Above, dummies of every weight class for use during "throwing your opponent" practice.
Jason talking about the galley area for the trainees...they eat good!
This girl (thru the glass) was in training for hurdles we think.  Unbelievable what she was able to do.  She would bounce from foot to foot and scissor legs over these hurdles, bouncing all the way down the line.  Then, she would come over to this rubber air-filled pillow type thing, and jump on it and balance her self on it for a few seconds before bouncing back off.  Strength &!
Here is the rifle range.  and our group once again listening to Jason outside the range.
And here are the safes they keep their weapons in.  We were told that each competitor loads their own ammo for practice & competition.  And below is a pic of some of the weapons used in the Olympics.
and our 2012 medalists below...
The grounds were maintained beautifully, and they were currently constructing some new buildings.  The property was given to the USOC some years back after the base was closed there. 
And here is my gold medalist, Miss Nancy.  And that about wraps up our visit to the Colorado Springs USOC training facility.  Whew!  It's hot.  Let's go get in some AC.  RVing Beach Bums out till the next blog...