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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Banff National Park, Alberta, Day 2

Tuesday morning, July 16, we were picked up by a big Brewster luxury bus in the Lake Louise RV Park.  We departed about 8 and went to Johnston Canyon to view the lower waterfall.  The upper was a three mile roundtrip walk, so we all opted for the mile RT.
Reminded me of waiting at the school bus stop along with all the neighborhood kids.  And there's always folks ready to pose for the blogger.
Took a few pics on the walk there & back.
The walkway was a little intimidating at times.
And at the falls, you could walk into the cave to the right, and get a close up moist view of the falls.  I passed on that deal, but trooper Nancy went in and snapped off a few pics.
The walk to & fro was neat as well as the falls.  And surprisingly, there were a lot of people there this early.
I was able to get some of our folks in the frame of the camera as well.  It was a little chilly this morning, but it warmed up nicely for the rest of the day's activities, and it was a full day that had us back at the RVs around 6:15.
Above, another pic of the folks boarding the bus at the campground.

And then it was off to lunch at this beautiful Fairmont Resort at Lake Louise.  Yummy & large buffet, with at least a hundred items.  One of the nicest buffets I've ever seen, with carving tables and fresh fish & shrimp, and this was lunch!

Well, we all waddled out of here and strolled a few minutes around the grounds and the lake.  It was a most enjoyable day so far, but we had other places to visit.

 Moraine Lake was just gorgeous.  It was about 20 miles from the RV park, but in my opinion (and the bus driver Rob's as well) it was prettier that Lake Louise.  Any way, all the RV'ers seemed to enjoy themselves.

Next on the agenda was the Spiral Tunnel for the Canadian-Pacific Railroad.  It is west of Banff and was built in order to achieve a much less down/up grade for the heavy coal trains.  It reduced the grade from about 6% if my memory is correct, to something less than 3%.  This was considered to be an engineering marvel.  Here are a few pics.  Unfortunately, our timing didn't have a train coming thru at the time.  But, most trains are long enough such that you can see the engine coming out of the tunnel at the same time you see the end of the train going in.  Pretty neat!

Next on the day's agenda was Takakaw Falls & Emerald Lake.  The falls were very impressive.  I can't remember how they were, but I think it was around 700 feet.
There were mountain climbers there too, right beside the falling water, about 600 feet up.  Crazy people!

Can you see the guy in the center of the photo?
And then there was Natural Bridge, which wasn't as impressive as our other events of the day.

Emerald Lake was nice.  It was similar to the previous lakes, but on a little smaller scale.  Here are some pics of the lake and the folks relaxing after a nice long day of sites of memory.

Well, that wraps up our blog on Banff National Park and the Lake Louise area.  I will try to upload my next three blogs from my pdf word docs this evening.  This blog was finished at Watson Lake in the Yukon territory.  Till then, RVing Beach Bums.

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