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Joe and Nancy
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Coeur d' Allene Round Up

OK, we finally made it to Blackwell Island RV Park in Coeur d' Allene (It took me two weeks to learn how to spell this town.) After our first night at the Target Store in town Friday evening, July 5, we pulled into site 2 at the RV Park Saturday morning around 11.  Our coach was so dirty after driving from Bushnell, FL, we decided to give her a clean wash & wax.  So, the rest of the day was devoted to Miss Dip.
Miss Nancy and (We are just learning the 42 names of the other folks on the trip.) ??? at the evening social at e meeting RV park rec hall.  Sunday morning we went to services at the Coeur d' Allene Church of Christ on 4th St.  We then went to Red Lobster and had us some shrimp and veggies.  Then back to the coach and some needed rest.
Above are some of the 45 other folks (including the wagon master couple and tail gunner couple.
In the midst of our Sunday evening social.  Above, Nancy & a couple from Great Falls, MT, George & ???  Sorry!  I'll get the names eventually.  George is retired Air Force. 
Above is Nancy, half of the wagon master team opening a bottle of Colombia Crest Cab.
And above is Ben, the other half of the wagon masters.
And this is Kathy, half of the tail gunners....
And this is Bill, the other half of the tail gunners, thumping our tires prior to departure on Tuesday morning...(Yes, we left a day early.)  The head wagon master who happened to be Calgary, wanted us there a day earlier, so, we are flexible!
Here is Ben on Monday evening preparing the roaster chickens and huge Idaho baked potatoes.  After all, aren't we in Idaho?  Look at the size of those hummers!
And some of the folks wanted to get a photo of our celebration round-up cake to the top of the world fantasy RV tour.
We've had our chicken & 'taters & cake, so now it's time to get down to some serious logistics with regard to tomorrow morning's organized chaos departure from Coeur d' Allene.
Tail gunner Bill doing his "thumping" of the tires, and he thumps every tire that will be rolling, to make sure there are no low airs or flats.
Here are a few of the folks that will be with us during the caravan to the "Top of the World".
As I mentioned earlier, I will slowly get to know the names of the innocent, and will try to include them in future pics.
Some of the folks have brought their four-legged "babies" with them.
And below are the wagon masters, Ben & Nancy, hooking up about 11AM.  They will always be the first out of campgrounds we stay at, and first to arrive at the next, so that prep can be made for the 23 other RV's coming in that day.  They also pay the bills! 
Above are the tail gunners, Bill & Kathy.  They are the last ones to leave every campground and obviously the last ones to arrive at the next.  Both Ben & Bill are knowledge RV techs and have made the trip to AK several times.
Nancy, Tuesday morning, explaining the trip log route and any "tricky" places along the way to our first stop, Fort Steele, BC, about a 170 mile segment.  (Oh, by the way, as I type this blog Wed morning from Fort Steele RV Park, Bill is "thumping our tires.  Good job Bill...and, hey, "get a life"..:-)
OK, don't know the details yet, but Teddy Bear has made 11 trips to AK prior to this one, and will serve as the "who needs a little TLC today" mascot for our trip.  Each day the mascot will be handed off to someone else who had a bad day, or if nothing else, needs a little TLC snuggle, so it is awarded to them for a day.  :-)
And here is our first awardee, receiving Teddy, after losing his main awning the evening before during a sudden thunderstorm.  Bummer!  A $1,500 bill awaits him...
Rolling out!  It was about 11:30 when everyone started rolling out, shortly after the wagon masters rolled out.  Note the tail gunner to the right getting everyone lined up. 
Our leaders passing out advice & instructions & directions.  They are all great leaders.
Tuesday morning muffins & coffee prior to the trip log presentation by
 wagon master Nancy.  (Not Miss Nancy)
These get-togethers are a good way for us to get to know everyone.  For those folks who are reading this for the first time, when you go to the blog, if you want to view all the photos I take during our caravan, just click on the header photo of the blog, and it will link to our albums on Google+.
So, from Fort Steel, BC in Canada, RVing Beach Bums eating a breakfast bar & headed for Calgary.  See you in our next blog tomorrow from Calgary, AB, about the short stay at Fort Steele, and a pile of new photos.