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Joe and Nancy
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Watson Lake, Yukon

After passing thru BC and into the Yukon Territory, (twice today), we arrived at Watson Lake, Yukon.  The significant icon for this stop would be the world renown Sign Post Forest.
From Wiki:  Sign Post Forest is a collection of signs at Watson Lake, Yukon and is one of the most famous of the landmarks along the Alaska Highway. It was started by a homesick GI in 1942. Visitors may add their own signs to the 100,000 already present.
Well, several of our RV'ers made and posted their own signs they had brought with them.  The wagon masters & tail gunners made a sign blank for our group to sign way back on the start of the tour.  And just about everyone signed it, and we celebrated the posting of the sign high up on one of the outer posts.
And tail gunner Bill had the honor of hanging the sign.  "Hey Bill, what is that hanging out of your mouth"?  Oh, a lag bolt!  :-)
Question:  How many RV'ers does it take to hold a ladder & and a tail gunner?  :-)  Thataboy Bill.  It looks a little crooked though...
Thanks Bill for a task well done, as usual.
It was a short block-walk to the "forest", and we all walked around for a while in amazement at the number signs, and how old some of them were, and where they were from.  Everywhere!
Even the Yellow Lab participated.  He of course barked his approval.
After the ceremony at the forest, we had us a good old fashioned "walking tacos" dinner.  What?  You've never heard of walking tacos?  Well, don't fret!  Me neither...But I must admit, Nancy & me were surprised at the tasty little bag tacos.
Tail gunner Bill explains the procedure:  Grab a bag of Doritos, open, and then crunch them up to small chips inside.  Hand the bag to wagon master Ben for a spoon full of chili, then on to Nancy & Kathy for adding Jalapenos, onions, cheese, and sour cream to the bag.  Go sit down and mix it all up with your spoon and get down to eating some walking tacos.  We both had another.  Yummy!  And what a new way to fix tacos!
The ride to Watson Lake was tough on our equipment.  Rainy, muddy...well, you know.  A lot of us washed off the concrete-based mud that coats the paint like concrete.  It's hard to explain the thick muck that gets into every nook & cranny of our vehicles.  Downtown RV Park was a tight squeeze for everyone's rig.  But we made it thru with no dings.  Well, that's a wrap for Watson Lake.  So, till the next blog, RVing Beach Bums.