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Joe and Nancy
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jasper National Park, Alberta


 On the way to JNP from Lake Louise, in Banff NP.
 It was just an awesome drive to JNP.  Sometimes I wish Nancy would drive so I could just look at the beauty.
 See what I mean?...We found these waterfalls right along side the road, still on the way to JNP.  Why go?  It's too nice to drive any further, but on we go.
 Have I mentioned glaciers yet?  Well, stand by, cause we're headed to the Colombia Icefields.
 Above, our group of RV'ers posing for a group photo op, and about to embark on the glacier directly behind them, about a mile away.  Below is a full photo of it.  Left & right are other glaciers as well.
Here we are boarding our ice buggy.
 Our wagon master Ben filling a cup of ice cold, 1000 year old pure glacier water.  I'm told by our buggy driver that the makes one younger if you drink it.  I saw a lot of folks drinking three or so glasses.  Some even filled bottles to carry back to their RVs.  :-)
 See the bottle above?
 Yummy!  Ice cold water on such a cool day too!  Standing on 1000 feet of 1000 year old ice.
 Tail gunner Bill drinking a glass of Perrier, er, glacier water.
OK, time to head back.  Our 20 minutes is up.  Some of us were ready after 10 minutes.
 Ben answering some questions, and enjoying a glass youth water.
Time to board the buggy and head for the RVs.
Well, I just have too many photos for one Jasper NP blog.  So, my next blog will begin with a gondola ride up the mountain beside our RV park in Jasper, AB.  Till then, RVing Beach Bums gone!

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