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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Coeur d' Allene to Fort Steele, BC, Canada

We left Coeur d' Allene this morning (Tuesday, July 9) and headed north on US95 straight to the border.  A bout 95 minutes later here we were, at the border.  But first. have a look at some of the scenery we took in on the way there.
It was all I could do to concentrate on the road.
OK, we're at the border check point now.
After a few questions with the Canadian BP officer, we proceeded on up the road towards Fort Steele, BC.  It now is about 2 in the afternoon.
And we're cruising along taking in some more sites.  Wow!  These Canadian Rockies are just magnificent, and we're only 50 miles into BC.
We followed one of our fellow caravaners thru the gate.
OK, we arrived about four in the afternoon at the Fort Steele RV Park.  Nancy fixed us a bite to eat while I went out and snapped off a few more photos.  Here a few of the campground area, and what was in our view.
And below is wagon master Nancy perturbed that the horses did not come to her beckon call.  She said, clapping and saying sweet things usually works.  Guess you needed to show them some apples or carrots Nancy!
Some folks elected to clean the bugs off the windshields after the 170 mile trip, while others sat and reflected with other RV'ers about how the stock market is doing lately...NOT!
It was a long ride for the puppies, and they needed a walk too!
The wagon master decided to warm up the 'taters & chicken from the day before with some hot rolls & jelly belly candy, and the remaining wine & sodas.  Wow, what a life.  And the weather was just gorgeous.  Thanks Ben & Nancy.
We gathered at the shelter in the RV park for the social and then went over the trip log for the next days journey to Calgary.
Oh, out behind the shelter there were these four horses, and some of the folks went out and chatted with the Mister Ed's.  I fed them some grass from this side of the fence.  And you know, they told me it was truly greener!  :-)
Nancy & Ben answering some question about our trip tomorrow to Calgary, and below, Kathy wondering what I just asked her...
Well, somehow, we all made it safely on this, our first leg of our long journey to AK & back  w
We only have 58 more days left.  I hope they don't go by as fast as these first two have.  We pulled out early this morning and made the six hour drive to McMahon Stadium in Calgary, where we will be for the next five days.  I am writing this from the lobby of the Hampton Inn right around from the corner, as the manager was so nice to give us an hour of free time, as we are long time Hilton Honors members.  So, till the next blog, about some rootin-tootin cowboys from Calgary, RVing Beach Bums. 

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