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Joe and Nancy
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Monday, May 28, 2012

Grand Canyon Railway & Williams, AZ

 We parked the MH at the KOA, just outside Williams, AZ.  Our experience of the GC Railroad Depot from two years ago led us back here, plus Austin loves trains.  We also remembered the entertaining wild west program each morning at the depot prior to boarding.  While we did not do the ride from Williams to the Canyon, we did take in the 30 minute show, and both Jen & Austin, and us as well, enjoyed the antics of the actors.
Austin admiring a relic of the past, an old steamer.
 The current-day's engine backed down the tracks with all the cars for the folks going to the Canyon and the conductor waved and chatted with us.  This was the second engine and cars as it was a very busy day, two full train loads of folks.
 Jen explaining some of the areas of the engine to Austin. "See Austin, these steps are how the men get up into the engine".
And "Pop Pop" had to get his picture with Austin.  And below is a mural on one of the stores in Williams.  Get your kicks on route 66!
Above, the set for show and the "characters" acting up.  I videoed the entire skit, but much too long for a blog item.
Above, two hombres & a horse...
Nancy escaping from the bad guys...
After the train pulled out of town, it was time to pick up a souvenier or two.
Austin opening the saloon doors on the set...
And one last look at one of the attractions of the little town of Williams.  And so ends our blog on our visit to Williams and the Railway with Jen & Austin.  I have a couple more blogs to "catch-up" on before I begin our blogs onour stay here at the Army Corps of Engineers Campground, where we have been since April 9, volunteering for free stay and hookups.  We'll be pulling out here around the 9th of June headed for the US Open in San Francisco.  So, till the next blog, RVing Beach Bums signing off.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Grand Canyon With Jen & Austin

This was Jen's first visit to the GCNP and was one of the main attractions she was looking forward to on her visit to see us.  Of course Austin had only the visions of pictures Jen had shared with him prior to the trip, so he was somewhat expecting those images to appear soon.  But first, just outside the park was this Smokey the Bear moniker that many folks have snapped their pics along side.  No exception here! 
 Austin "riding the rail", and turing to the right and snapping the next pic is below...just awsome.  We were here a couple of years ago, but we never tire of the views.
We were planning one day only here so we tried to plan the day so that we could get the most out of the daylight hours.  Below, a Ranger talks about the history of the Canyon, and Austin recieves a signature as part of his junior ranger certification.
Above, Jen, Austin & Nancy head off to the ranger talk.
 Nancy caught me going beyond the sidewalk.  Bad example for Austin.  Promise, I will stay on it.

While we were listening to the talk, a pair of Condors flew right in front of us, so she digressed for a few minutes and spoke about the Condor program.  I happened to have my 300mm lens handy, so I caught a few pics of them in flight.
There were a pair of Ravens pestering the big birds.
 This guy is definitely off the sidewalk.  He is "on the edge".
Above, part of the Bright Angel Trail way down there on the Colorado River.  See the bridge crossing.  I used all of my 300mm to get this pic.  Below, the river at a distance.
Above, more of the Trail.
 The watchtower.
 One could never tire of the awsome panorama.
 Austin, on the first level of the watchtower.
 Did I mention the awsome panorama?  Just breath taking.  Including Jen & Austin! :-)
 "Look at the river Austin"!
 Raven & deer...
Above, part of the mule trail to the river.
 Don't think this guy above has all his oars in the water.  I mean, look how far he would fall, if he slipped.  Not too smart!
Well, guess I better wrap up this blog.  I need to say that this blog is being written from our campsite in Island Park at the Pine Flat Lake about 35 miles east of Fresno, CA.  This blog is about seven weeks late, as we were there the first week in April, and here it is May 25th.  I have been procastinating.  We have been busy here.  More on that later.  So, till the next blog, RVing Beach Bums.