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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Calgary McMahon Stadium

As I have mentioned before, while in Calgary, we camped at McMahon Stadium, home of the CFL's Calgary Stampede.  The stadium is also used by Calgary University and training site for their Olympic team.  The pic above are the RV's for our group, 23 in all.  And the 4 in the foreground are the wagon masters & tail gunners, forming a little chorale like setting for meetings & pizza parties.
From the inside of the stadium, this is a pic down to the field.  Note the different yard markers for Canadian rules football.
Did I say pizza parties?  Yep! We had us a good old fashion pizza party, with pizza fresh from COSTCO.  And I think just about everyone participated, because right afterwards the wagon masters went over the trip log for the next days departure for Banff NP.
Wagon master Nancy asking everyone to get their trip books ready for the presentation/plan for traveling to Banff.
Time to relax after four pieces of pizza.  When the sun goes down (behind the stadium actually) it gets chilly.
OK, maybe some of us had a fifth piece.
We had salad and veggie tray as well, so there was a little something for everyone.
From atop of the stadium I snapped this pic of the hotel complex across the street, and next to the C-Train station.  Calgary is a very large and modern city.  We were surprised at how much activity & construction was going on.  The city streets are always abuzz with folks in a hurry it seemed.  The economy is bustling here, and I can attest to cost-of-living too, as we shopped we noticed everything was much higher.
Most everyone are stuffed, and there still was five pizzas left over.  So we divvied out the rest of it to everyone for their fridges.
After the pizza party, we drove out to the west side of the city, way up on a hill, near the Olympic Village.  The evening sun made for a nice pic of the downtown district.  Just over on the other side of the city, a little to the right (south) is where the Stampede Complex is located.  And it is a huge "State Fair" like complex.  Below, I pointed my camera a little to left and way off about five miles distance, is the McMahon Stadium.  It's where all the red towers are, just beyond the Calgary University Hospital complex in the foreground.
Below is a more "distant" view of the downtown.
Well, this a relatively short blog for me, however, I wanted to share with the readers what it was like a little around RV park where stayed for five days.  So, till the next blog, so long from the RVing Beach Bums.

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