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Joe and Nancy
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Monday, February 29, 2016

Notom-Bullfrog Road Through The Waterpocket Fold

The Notom-Bullfrog Road trail road runs through both public (Capital Reef NP) and private land owners.  While encamped at CRNP we took a day and made it a Jeep ride.  From  The paved road that connects Capitol Reef to the outside world is Utah Route 24.  The highway cuts through the park's prominent feature, the Waterpocket Fold: the valley between two folds in the earth's crust.  If all you do is drive through Capitol Reef on Route 24, you'll see some interesting mountains and rock formations, but to really experience the Fold, you need to drive through it.
Nancy sang this tune to me.  NOT!  We took this little Jeep ride on 9/19/2015 and left CRNP the next day and headed to Moab, UT.
A small cemetery where buried is a young man whose wagon tumbled over the side of the hill, and the family just memorialized him there.
Notom is on Pleasant Creek on the east side of Capitol Reef National Park. The Settlement was first called Pleasant Creek, but the postal authorities requested a change since that name was already in use. It had also been known as Pleasant Dale. Notom was finally chosen, but the name origin is not known. The area where a small community once existed is today a large ranch complex. 
Muffin tops above along the Water Pocket Fold...
We took this road after traveling along Notom-Bullfrog Road for about 25 miles, all dirt, but Miss Jeepy loved it.
Miss Jeepy was quite scroungy after a day in the dirt.
We were down there about 10 minutes before this pic was taken.
I wish I could explain what we were seeing, geologically speaking, but I just can't provide the technical details.  All I can say is, WOW!  The sights were just pure eye-candy.
This unusual ridge, crumbling, was about a mile away.
Very unusual slant to this formation....
I think was a Condor.  It was much larger than Eagles or vulture we had seen earlier in the day.  And it was jet black.
Time for a little picnic lunch under an old oak tree...
This was the little one-room schoolhouse just outside the campground.  It was closed the day we were there (after 5PM) but Nancy caught the ranger locking up, so she got 3 minutes inside for a few pics.
Well, that about wraps up this blog of the Notom-Bullfrog and Burr Trail Roads excursions, as well as couple other places of interest that we visited late in the day after our long day on the dirt.  So, until our next blog, RVing Beach Bums signing off.  This blog written and published from Cordele, Ga on 2/29/2016.