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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Heritage Historic Park, Calgary, AB

George & Sharon above using theie Honda Trike to go to the Calgary Heritage Park, below a couple (sorry, names escape me) waiting Sunday morning to board the school bus to the Park.
Here are some of the other caravan folks ready to board the bus at McMahon Stadium.
All aboard for short drive to Heritage Park.
Above, Ben & Nancy Rose, wagon masters, talk over the morning's plan, and below,
the folks are ready to get the show on the road.
Here we are arriving at the Park.  And below, a couple pics of our folks leaving the bus and headed for the gazebo for orientation & welcome by a park docent. 
Above, Ray & Cora, and below, folks crowding into the gazebo.
It should be obvious by now that this trip to the Heritage Park had us all in close quarters most od the morning and early afternoon.  Hence, a lot pics of our group.  And we're not done yet!
Here we are in fron of the Gasoline Alley Museum.  More pics from the inside later.  Below, our docent providing yet more info on the park.  She is explaing here the importance of the Famous Five women of history for Alberta & Canada. 
The old steam locomotive passing by, as well as team of large white horses pulling a wagon arond the park.
And a rest & chat from the docent under a shady tree.
Time to move on to the next area for a lesson in Calgary's Heritage.
The story board plaque explains the history of the Ranch House.
From Wiki:  Heritage Park Historical Village is a historical park located in Calgary, Alberta. The park is located on 127 acres (51 ha) of parkland on the banks of the Glenmore Reservoir, along the city's southwestern edge. As Canada's largest living history museum by number of exhibits, it is one of the city's most visited tourist attractions. The park is branded as a living history museum since it features a village that was recreated to appear as it might have in late 19th and early 20th century Alberta. Many of the buildings are historical and were transported to the park to be placed on display. Others are re-creations of actual buildings. Most of the structures are furnished and decorated with genuine artifacts. Staff dress in historic costume, and antique automobiles and horse-drawn vehicles service the site. Calgary Transit provides regular shuttle service from Heritage C-Train station. The park opened in July 1964 at a cost of $300,000.
An early representation of the early settlers mud adobes from Germany & Ireland.
Above, Mary our bus driver, and below, folks following the docent's explanation of the layout of the Park at the gazebo.
Below, another stop along the way.
Horse-drawn wagon full of visitors with their docent.  And below, on the front porch of the ranch house.
A couple of vintage vehicles, some used and some layed up for viewing only.
Our docent explaingwht the bag over the door way is.  Any guesses?  We didn't get it either.  It resembles a wasp nest (to a wasp I guess), and because they are territorial, they look elsewhere to build their nests.  I guess it works, cause we didn't see any.
Yours truly resting on the front porch.  I am waiting for a mint julip!  And below an old school house furnishings.
Here I am locked up by the local RCMP Constable.  Nancy asked him to keep me for a few days.  :-(
Here are a couple pics of an old travel trailer inside one of the museums, Gasoline Alley.
Above, we all have a rest stop while the docent explains one of the last stops on her walk thru the park with us.  And, because I have so many more pics to share of our visit to the park, I think I will use them in our next blog.
So, here we are at McMahon Stadium on Sunday afternoon about 5:30 and in about 30 minutes, we'll have us an outside pizza social with the Fantasy RV group.  Afterwards we'll go over our trip logue for tomorrow's departure from the beautiful city of Calgary.  Tomorrow, Lake Louisa, near Banff.  Till then, RVing Beach Bums headed over to the pizza.

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