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Joe and Nancy
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Teslin, Yukon

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This is the place we spent Wednesday night, July 24.  It was nice when we first got there around 4, but soon clouded up and rained for about two hours, and therefore we all headed for the RV's or the restaurant, or the wildlife gallery.
This rain squall ran us all in to shelter.
This is the bridge we crossed and then turned right immediately for entrance into the Yukon Motel & RV Park.  The Nisutlin Bay Bridge, Teslin's impressive seven-arch metal span, is the longest bridge on the Alaska Highway. The lake is a popular destination for fishing and boating in summer and snowmobiling and cross-country skiing in winter. Nisutlin Delta National Wildlife Area offers exceptional birding and wildlife viewing.
Note the steel grating.  It is a little squirrelly when driving on it.
And here are some of the folks catching up with folks in the lower 48.  Some opted to go in and have a big cinnamon bun.
The pic below was taken from across the bridge looking down at the motel complex & our RV's.
Also at this spot were these storyboards that tell about the river and the salmon that come back every year to spawn.
A little chit-chat before the rain came.  Note the Walmart truck in the background.  There is a Wally World in Whitehorse, our next stop.  Yeah!
The wildlife gallery next door provided for some casual time-kill during the rain showers, and the taxidermy was just beautiful.
Dall goat above, and mountain goats below.
Wolves on the hunt, and mule deer & beaver below.
Snow wolves & polar bear watching the cunning Raven.
Caribou locking horns during rut.  According to the story on the these two scrappers, they both perished as they could not unlock their horns, from dehydration.  And of course the giant brown bear.
Snow & Grey Owls.
The morning we left, Thursday, it was cool, and I caught the sun burning off the morning mist over upper Teslin Lake.
Checking the fluid levels prior to the 128 mile drive to Whitehorse.  Well it's about time for me & Nancy to hook up the Jeep and make preps for doing the same thing. This morning, Friday, a bus will take us on a tour of Whitehorse.  I'll blog tomorrow about that.  So, from Pioneer RV Park along the AK Highway in Whitehorse, RVing Beach Bums.