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Joe and Nancy
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pensacola, home of the Blue Angels

The RV Park we stayed at...

Wow, what happened to spring?  It was 37 this morning.  I want to go back to Ocala... Oh well, spring is just around the corner.  We stayed at the Pensacola Naval Rec Area last night but the weather wasn't very conducive to exploring, so we just stayed in and watched a little TV and turned in.

Crazy Horse Cafe

Well, the Camp Host recommended a little place that wasn't much to look at from the outside, but said it served very good down-home cookin'.  So, we're not the fast food type anyway, and so we jumped on it.  Wow!  Don't judge a book by it's cover.  We had supper there.  I had fresh eggplant parm with collard greens and carrot salad and Nancy had chicken pot pie with carrot salad and green beans.  Yummy!  The best was yet to come.  They are known far and wide (well at least from Gulf Breeze to Mobile) for their deserts.  They had a list about a foot long ona white board with all their current choices, and some had been rubbed off the board as they were all gone.  I wonder what we missed!  Anyway, we opted for fresh coconut cake.  We could only eat one piece between us, so we'll save the other one for tomorrow.

The morning cook (standing) is Ann

We walked in and got the "Just sit where ever you want to"' so we did.  I was told about Ann the evening before from one of the customers eating a couple of pork chops with both hands (use your imagination) and he said Ann fixes a killer breakfast.  Anything you want, she can just about cook it up.  Above is Ann and "her gang" as she so affectionately called them.  The all had a plate full of vittles.

The table where "the gang" was seated

The Crazy Horse is definately a place you need to visit when over near the Pensacola Rec Area.  It's a little ways off I-10, but worth the drive even if not overnighting at the campground.  Nice people and good down-home cookin.  Oh, for breakfast?  I had biscuits/gravy, eggs, corn beef hash grilled nice and crispy and a pile of hash browns.  I will walk an extra mile in the morning.  Well, time to hook up Miss CRV to the MH and head for Baton Rouge with a stop in Pascagoula for a late lunch.  I feel some catfish and hush puppies coming on.  Until next time...Joe & Nancy