Joe and Nancy

Joe and Nancy
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

High Point, NC...visiting relatives

So, here we are in High Point, NC.   We arrived yesterday eving around 4 and checked into Oak Hollow Family Campground.  The temperature was about 45 but it fell quickly as the sun fell behind the hill behind our motor home.  When we woke up this morning I went outside and snapped off a few pics.  Above is a frozen Oak Hollow Lake.  We are parked about 50 yards from the bank, and I caught this pic as the sun was popping up from the eastern horizon.  Well, so much for leaving the cold temps in Virginia Beach. 

As you can see, we had lots of room to back up into a space.  There was only one other motor home in the campground.  Note the snow in the woods.  Brrrr!

After we disconnected the Honda yesterday, we drove over to a retirement community to visit with one of Nancy's relatives.  Edith Rose Dozier is Nancy's Mother's first cousin.  She will be 88 real soon and is very witty and full of stories from the past of her family.  Also show in the pic is Nancy's cousin, who is Edith's daughter, Paula Snipes.  We had dinner with them (and Paula's husband Gary which I didn't get a pic of) there in the community (Gleneagles) and then we had an enjoyable two hours of reminiscing and listening to many stories of a lot of old relatives.  I wish I had recorded the evening.  She is just amazing and certainly a grand lady and a true Southern Belle!

We got up this morning, had a bowl of bran flakes and a 'nanner and attended church services with my beautiful baby Sister Kim Miller, her husband Craig, and her three neat children Kacy, McKenzie (sp?) and Ben.  We met them at the Thomasville Church of Christ and afterwards, had lunch with them and reminisced for a couple of hours.  Our visit ended with a brief visit to their beautiful house which had some neat improvements since we last visited. 

Well, here we are back at the motor home, and I just finished watching "Da Bearswhoop upon the Seahawks.  I loved it!  Then, I got to watch "Da Jets whoop up on the Pats.  Liked that too!  And it's time for a sign-off now.  We'll pack up and head for Savannah tomorrow, hopefully, on our way to Ocala to see my Aunt Dorothy and cousin Cathy (her daughter).

Till the next time, Joe & Nancy