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Joe and Nancy
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

El Paso & Franklin Mountains State Park

Looking down in El Paso from atop Franklin Mountains State Park

All the photos today were taken from within Franklin Mountains State Park above El Paso and Fort Bliss RV Park, where we spent two nights.  The RV Park is the nicest we've stayed for any military campgrounds.  My blog has been delayed because I spent several hours yesterday morning in the Sierra Memorial Hospital only to find out my pain in my lower right abdomen was a 2mm kidney stone.  WOW!  What a pain in the belly!  After some TLC and a little morphine, I was sent packing back to the RV Park.  I took a few drugs and drank a gallon of water (really) and felt good enough to go out and take a few photos in the FMSP. 

Nice view inside the FMSP

So, we wound up staying a day longer in El Paso than we had planned, but who'd thought kidney stone?  Certainly not me. 

How many brids can you count?

I have never experienced pain like this before.  I thought I was going to pass out and throw up all at the same time. 

Miss Nancy

But the drugs (Vicodin and Iboprofen saved the day, so we were able to take advantage of a beautiful day.  The doctor said I should pass the stone in a day or two.  I hope so.

The sun washed out some of the real nice color of this mountain.

I just need to keep drinking lots of water till I get rid of this little rock.  Hopefully tomorrow!  We will leave here Friday morning if I feel better and head for Pearce, AZ to meet up with some friends I have never met.  Well, at least not in person.  I have been following The Bayfield Bunch for over a year now, ever since Nancy and me decided to make the plunge and take up motor homing America.  Al Bossence and his wife Kelly are from Bayfield Ontario and have been wintering in Arizona for about six years.  Al has a very nice blog and I encourage you to share their adventures as they travel the great Southwest.

North El Paso

So we'd like to meet up with them for a short visit Saturday morning perhaps over breakfast at Sandy's in Pearce, AZ.  We made Pearce late this afternoon and took some pics and I'll post them tomorrow.  Till then, Joe & Nancy