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Joe and Nancy
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Am Over This Cold Weather...

I spent two hours at my dentist today.  I had two crowns installed.  My dentist has one these fancy-shmansky machines that takes a couple of computer digital photos of before and after of your teeth, that is before they are whittled down to nubs, and then one after of the nubs.  Then computer runs a program into a little crown-milling machine and presto!  A new crown (two in my case, which took more time because only one can be milled at a time).  I get two more in July when we return from our RV journey. 

I just can't get used to this burrrr cold weather, especially when it's being pushed by 25-35 MPH winds.  One would think, Virginia Beach, it doesn't get "that" cold there, does it?  Trust me, it does.  Today's high, 37, tomorrow predicted to be 34.  Enough already!

Saturday, Nancy and I will point the Monaco in a southerly direction and just keep driving until we find temps above 60.  We're getting the MH ready and filling our closet and drawers and linens and towels and toiletries for the next 6 months.  I winterized, by draining all the water out of the tanks and lines.  In addition, I have kept bay heaters and cabin heaters going non-stop for a month now.  Don't want to take any chances with freezing anything up. 

Well, think I'll sign off for this Wednesday night as my upper gum near the new crowns is experiencing a little post-novacaine-puncture syndrome.  Until next time, which will probably be after we're in High Point Saturday night, keep warm and stay close to the fire.

RVing Beach Bum Joe