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Joe and Nancy
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona

Chiricahua National Monument Park (CNMP)

We were up early Saturday morning and drove the 30 miles into the morning sun straight towards the Ciricahua Mountains.  We could only spend about an hour in the Park as we had a brunch engagement with our friends, The Bayfield Bunch at 10:00 back at Sandy's Restaurant.

Two mighty warriors standing the test of time

It was unfortunate that we only had an hour to spend here this crisp (30) cool moring in the CNMP.  It is simply amazing.  There is a Kodak moment just about every step is one direction or another.


I have a lot of photos to share, so I'll limit my text this blog and just put up the pics.

Wherever one looks, it just takes your breath away.

Snow on the north facing sides

Pipe Organ Mountain just as you come into the grandeur of the park

A little smokey as a lot of folks have fireplaces and wood stoves.  It gets cold at night.

The Bayfield Bunch and The RVing Beach Bums at Sandy's. Joe, Al, Kelly and Nancy

Well, we had to leave the beauty of the CNMP and head for Sandy's and a bite to eat.  One can't help to feel the presence of many a warrior spirit in this, the home of the mighty Chiricahua Apaches.  I certainly am not proud of the way the Apache Nation was treated during the late 1800's.  In fact, I am ashamed at the way our Government doled out the prison-like environment on such a proud and self-sustaining nation of people.  So sad. 
We had a wonderful time at breakfast with Al & Kelly of the Bayfiled Bunch.  All I can tell you is that there was a lot of chin-wagging going on and the food was really good.  Perhaps some time in the future we can spend more time with the Bayfield Bunch on our return this part of Arizona.  They are just so easy to talk to and are so down to earth.  I know they are happy to be here, but they also feel very compassionate for their friends and family back in Bayfield, Ontario as they have a winter they would like to soon forget.

Kelly and Al in front of their Jeep. 

Al traded in his Santa Fe this past winter on his Jeep.  And he has been Jeepin' it up over the past couple of months.  There are many a site to behold when you have Jeep to get you there.  To see some of their Jeep journeys, tune in to their blog site:

Sand Hill Cranes

After brunch, we walked outside and was entertained to the high-pitched warble-squawking of several thousand Sand Hill Cranes.  They winter-over here in Southern Arizona every year.

Way off in the distance, about 30 miles is the Cochise Stronghold (small pinnacle in the saddle of the mountain).

Well, I'll close this blog by saying, it has been a wonderful day being in the presence of such two fine Canadians and many a Apache Warrior Spirits.  Our next blog will be about a place directly across from the CNMP, the Cochise Stronghold, about 30 miles across the Sulpher Springs Valley in Cochise County Arizona.  If you're ever in the great southwest, DO make plans to visit this area.  You will truly be rewarde with lasting memories.  Thanks Al & Kelly for opening our eyes and minds.

till the next time, Joe & Nancy, RVing Beach Bums