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Joe and Nancy
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Canyon Lake near San Antonio

Bah, Bah in a field somewhere near Canyon Lake

We spent most of the day driving to, around and back from Canyon Lake.  It's about an hour drive north of the city.  Along the way we drove by this little farm with some sheep and donkeys.  My grandson says my blog needsmore animals, so, Austin, these are for you (and Maxwell too).


Canyon Lake looking south from a boat ramp

 It's a small lake formed by damming the Guadalupe River.  I would guess that the lake is about 2500 acres.  There is a large park near the Jacob's Creek side of the lake and it's run by MWR and it has about 20 mobile homes converted to camping like structures and an RV park as well.  They have a very large beach and hundreds of picnic tables and shelters.  Very nice!  We saw some deer too.

Canyon Lake from the Jacob's Creek MWR Park

If we come back to San Antonio, we'll stay here.  They have a marina with a lot of boats to rent.  Sailboats, party barges, runabouts and paddle boats. 

Nancy on the dock at the ramp

It was about 61 degrees and a little breezy and very bright and sunny.  Nancyeven had to put a light jacket on.  This weather:  Will it ever warm to 70?  Sorry folks, I couldn't resist.  Our daughters Jennifer and Natalie are telling us about the weather back in Virginia Beach.  Spring is just around the corner girls. 

Well, time to crank up the diesel and head for Fort Stockton, halfway to El Paso.  We'll overnight at Wally World in Fort Stockton tonight and at Fort Bliss in El Paso on Wednesday night.  From there we'll head to Tuscon, Scottsdale, Palm Springs and on into Monterey by the end of next week.  Until the next time, Joe & Nancy, the RVing Beach Bums