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Joe and Nancy
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fort Stockton, TX

Fort Stockton Roadrunner

Haven't seen too many roadrunners so far.  I understand it took four taxidermists to stuff this big old bird.    We did some moseying around before it got too dark.  We went over to the old Fort about six blocks from the old bird, and looked at a couple of remaining out buildings.

Signboard for the old fort

Old freight wagon

Annie Riggs Hotel/Museum

Over on Main Street, about four blocks from the Fort is the old Annie Riggs Hotel(now a museum).  It dates from 1899 but Mrs. Riggs purchased it in 1904 for $5,000 and operated it till her death in 1931 but remained in operation thru her son till the mid-forties.  In 1955 the family deeded it to the FS Historical Society to be operated as a museum.  If you Google the hotel, you'll learn about her family and a little about the scoundrels in her life.

Nancy up the steps to the museum

We took a little tour through the museum and took a couple photos and bought a book on the history of the areas, title Texas' Last Frontier.

Part of the kitchen

Old stoves and a modern water cooler??

Old rocking horse

One of several arrow head collections

Typical period room of the Annie Riggs Hotel

The Cowboy Room

The hotel veranda

Well, by now it was after five o'clock and the museum curator wanted to go home, so we high-tailed out of the old museum and headed down the road to catch the sunset over one of the many mesas out here in west Texas.  Wish we had more time to take more of the quaint history of Fort Stockton and it's role in keeping peace and settling part of a wild part of Texas over a century ago. 

Sunset over a mesa south of town on route 285

So, till next time, so long from Joe & Nancy