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Joe and Nancy
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baton Rouge, via Pascagoula-Biloxi-Gulf Port

In Gulf Port looking back east to Biloxi Bay across the street from Sun Coast Mall

We left Pensacola this morning heading for Batan Rouge.  Nancy wanted to take a little diversion and drive thru some of the area that Katrina devasted some five years along the Gulf Coast.  So we drove on US 90 thru Pascagoula, Biloxi and Gulf Port.  The white sands are just eye-blinding in the bright sun.

Vegetation now, homes six years ago....

From Pascagoula to Gulf Port, nearly all the devastation has been cleaned up and hauled off away from civilization.  However, there were several instances where large and small buildings remain standing with their scars evident of the catastrophe.  Like the fire engine company in Gul Port and many smaller homes.

Countless realty signs along the highway (US 90)

Some of our pics today were taken out of our MH window, so please excuse the reflections.  We noticed that the three closest blocks from the highway back to the north are generally open fields and fauna.  I would guess that the insurance companies have been hit so hard that they are now making building here next to impossible to insure.  Builder/buyer beware!  Who knows what the future holds for this beautiful stretch of wonderland.

Typical waterfront property after sad

Well, we grabed us a bite at the Picadilly at the Mall and got back on the road.  Nancy got a piece of their red velvet cake for to share later, and our left-over coconut cake from the night before.  We walked for about 30m in the Cortana Mall here in Baton Rouge (by the way, in Baton the emphasis on pronunciation is the second syllable, like Emeril says it) and it's also where we overnighted in the parking lot.  GO TIGERS! (LSU). 

Into the sunset we go...

So, off into the sunset we go to Ba'tawn Rouge.  Tonight we hope to make San Antonio and the Alamo.  We might spend a couple nights here to get a couple things looked at on the MH.  So, until then, see ya' later, Joe & Nancy