Joe and Nancy

Joe and Nancy
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ocala, and I wish we had more time to stay...

My Aunt Dorothy and Cuzin Cathy

Well, here we are in Ocala, FL and it’s Thursday morning, Jan 20.  As the Midwest is shroud under a winter spell of cold, sleet and snow, Ocala was 72, sunny and mild.  It was so nice here the last couple of days that Nancy and me decided to spend two days with my Aunt Dorothy (Mother’s oldest Sister) and my cousin (Aunt Dotty’s daughter).  We parked the Monaco at a Target only about a mile from their homes, so it was most convenient back and forth.

The fire place
We didn’t do any exploring, other than spending time at my Aunt’s & Cousin’ beautiful homes.  We enjoyed a pleasant linner (lunch/dinner) at my Aunt’s house on the day of our arrival, Tuesday, and then breakfast at Scrambles, a breakfast/lunch only café in Ocala, and then a late afternoon linner at a nice Mexican restaurant.

Cuzin Cathy

Our time at each of their homes was a most relaxing and enjoyable time for having a few “toddy’s” (pomegranate martini) around an open hearth fire place in Cousin Cathy’s backyard.  I stoked the fire with some seasoned red oak as we did a lot of tongue-wagging (her two black Scotty’s did the tail wagging) to catch up on all the goings-on since we last met (about two years).

Cathy's humble abode...

Well, we plan to have a little breakfast now and a cupajoe and head for Mobile, AL.  We haven’t decided on a place to stay yet, but the navigator will work that out on the way there.  We’ll good weather from here to Tallahassee, but will run into some rain when we get to Mobile later this afternoon. So, till then, hang in there for those that in the middle of winter still, as it’ll only be another 6 weeks till…well, you know.


What a nice time we had with my relatives.  They were most hospitable, and I need to mention that my Aunt has supplied us with enough food to last for two weeks.  She cooked enough food for an army, and it is much much better than army food...yummy, pasta fagioli soup.  Thank you both for a very nice relaxing time.