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Joe and Nancy
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Monday, July 2, 2012

Yosemite National Park, CA

OK, this is our second visit to this beautiful park, a national treasure.  We drove straight Mariposa Visitor Center, just below the Mariposa Grove.  We drove up from our campsite at Island Park on Pine Flat Lake, and we chose a weekday to come.  However, there was still a lot folks visiting this day.  There was a tram that goes to the Grove about every 30 minutes, but we refused to pay their $25 per person (senior rate), so we elected to walk the 2 mles up the hill.  Whew!  Wish we would've paid the %50.  Not really, as the walk did us good of course.
 Lots of folks, but that was ok, as the trail up was long and a lot of folks turned around and walked back...not us!  Below was a large downed tree from many years ago, and it has been preserved and a plaque placed on it for others to view and learn a little more about these awesome giants.
 Most all these pics were along the trail up to Mariposa Grove.
 Below, a display of the many cones from the trees of the forest.  The display was in the little museum at Mariposa Grove.
 Above, Nancy in the museum, and out on the front steps taking a break from the climb up the hill.  Below, a nice lady snapped this pic of us at the Grove.
 The Grizzly Tree.
 Yosemite, as you may know, has much more than just Giant Sequioa trees.  It has an awesome and unique landscape that are enjoyed by millions every year.
 We had a beautiful day for visiting.
 Nancy caught me.
 On our way to Glacier Point, we found this coyote looking for handouts.  Sorry little fella, we don't feed wildlife.  Go find your own eats.
 The views from Glacier Point were just breath taking.
 Below, Half Dome.  Folks climb this troughout the warm months, and probably cold months too.
 She caught me again.  Using the big lens, I need to use the tripod, which allows much crisper shots.
The view above was from the valley floor, about 2 miles from the end of the road near the campground.
 It was really crowded down here in the valley, and we found out later that all the campgrounbds were full
Our time here was really enjoyed.  Later in the day, we stopped by one of the campgrounds and fixed ourselves some lunch, and then skidattled on back to Pine Flat Lake.  We could never tire of seeing the beautiful sights within Yosemite.  So, till the next time, RVing Beach Bums, Joe & Nancy wishing you happy journeys.