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Monday, July 2, 2012

Travis AFB & San Francisco, CA

Tops in Blue performing at Westfield Mall in Fairfield, CA, just down Air Base Road from Travis Air Force Base.  We stayed at the base during our stay in the Bay Area while we worked the US Open golf in San Francisco, June 17-24.  We stayed an additional week to take in a few sights, including Father's Day dinner (belated) at the Neptune Seafood restaurant on Pier 39 at Fisherman's Wharf. 
From Wiki:  Tops In Blue is a touring performance ensemble made up of active duty members of the United States Air Force formed in 1953.  For the past 57 years, Tops In Blue has traveled to more than 20 countries to perform more than 120 times each year for airmen and families around the world.  They entertain more than 250,000 military personnel and their families, presenting an average of 120 performances at 100 locations worldwide throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Central America and the Pacific.
 These folks were so energetic and full of life, and their performance made us proud of our young service people in their enthusiam.  Look them up on the web and see their schedule.  Go see them if you get the chance.
 On the way to the Olympic Golf Club one day, Nancy snapped these of the fog bank over on the course, right next to the ocean.  Eerie!
 Pier 39 and on our way to the Neptune Seafood place for a Father's Day lunch, compliments of our daughter Natalie, who emailed us a certificate.  Thanks trout was yummy and Mom's salmon too.
Mom, waiting on her din-din...San Francisco bay through the window... and below are a few of the boats/ferries running about in the bay.  Pardon the glare of the window.
 Note Alcatraz in the background.
After dinner we stopped in the Boudin sourdough bread factory...I just cannot get enough of their bread, and it is sooo bad for me!  Even the gator bread!
 The place was crowded with all sorts folks speaking several different languages.  We picked us a couple loaves to have with some lasagna and just warmed with olive oil, balsalmic vinegar and garlic & pepper for dipping....sooo bad!
 All sorts of characters roaming the streets at the wharf...
 Lombard Street at the top of the hill, folks arriving on one the landmark cable cars.
 Looking down Lombard Street towards Oakland.  And Telegraph Hill of course.
 From the same spot, just turning north, I snapped pics of Alcatraz.  And below Nancy took pics of me driving Lombard.
 That's me in the middle of the below pic in the Jeep.
 Another view of Alcatraz, but from the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge.  The span is celebrating it's 75th year of operation this year.  Neat that were a part of the celebration!
 San Fran above and the Bay Bridge to Oakland below...
 Miss Nancy at the top of Lombard snapping off a few pics...
This guy gets around!
 A couple more views of what makes San Fran unique...
 Miss Nancy walking back from her picture-taking on the bridge.  I stayed back and kept guard on the sea gulls on solid ground...:))
On our way back from Vacaville one day just before the NASCAR race at Sonoma, these two haulers flew past us on the freeway.  Guess who greeted them?  Yep, CHP pulled both of them and I presume a personal welcome to Vacaville.  Too funny!
So, our visit to the Fairfield/Vacaville/Travis AFB & San Fran ended and we had a good time working the US Open.  I have a bunch of pics from the Open, and may share them in a separate blog, perhaps next time.  So, till then, Joe & Nancy, RVing Beach Bums on the road again headed to Oregon.