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Joe and Nancy
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Friday, June 29, 2012

Sequioa National Park

Different day, different side of the National Park.  If you've never been to these two wonderful parks, let me explain what I mean by one side or the other.  When driving from Fresno on HWY 180, just after entering the park, but before arriving at the Kings Canyon side visitor's center, HWY 198 (Generals HWY) goes to the right into Sequioa National Park, about 35 miles away.  If you keep straight on HWY 180 for about a mile or so, you'll arrive at the visitor's center for KCNP.  Kinda confusing for us a first, but clear now.  I hope it is for you too now.
 Along Generals HWY, we took a little drive into the Redwood Valley, and saw some giants.
 I look so small inside the bowels of this giant.  Well, I am small...:))
 Inside Wuksachi Lodge, I tried picking the spirits of this poor little fella.  I asked him, "Why the long face"?  But he just sighed and said nothing...(sorry)  We had a yummy lunch, including some sweet tater fries.
Mount Sillman, behind the Lodge.
 Walked right thru it...
Rangers must have just put this guy out for our pleasure...nice guys  :))
 No explanation needed here...
 Near Moro Rock Point
From the web:  Moro Rock is a granite dome located just off the Generals Highway near Giant Forest. On any given day visitors may see rock climbers clinging to Moro Rock’s cracks and knobs. For the rest of us, there’s a 1/3-mile staircase from the parking lot that ascends more than 300 feet to the summit. The reward: spectacular views of the western half of Sequoia National Park and the Great Western Divide.  Above is a pic from Moro Rock.
 Here I am climbng up Moro Rock.  Nancy is already up there, looking down.  I let her have the adventure of climbing up these precarious (need a translation here?) steps to the top.  See the rail below?  You don't see me out there do you?  Nancy passed by here 10 minutes ago.  She's aleady at the top.  I can't take ALL the fun now can I?
 The story-board at the bottom said there were 402 steps to the top.  I think I used about 200 of them.  No need to waste energy if you don't have too.  After all, her camera is just as good as mine.  :))
 The view at the top.
 OK, back down to earth...this is more like it...terra firma!  And below is most "firma",  a cinamon black bear enjoying an evening in the lettuce patch.

Do you mind leaving so I can enjoy this with no silly clicking of your camera?  No problem, I'm gone!
But I think you've got company!  Another one is joining you for dinner.  This big bruin about three minutes later chased this black beauty out of the lettuce patch and up a tree and tried for about a half-hour to pull her out of the tree.
In the middle (below) note black bear standing out on a limb...hard to see it, but the black area is the bear.  Just below it and clinging to the main trunk was the large cinamon, swatting at the black, and the black returning salvos.  Neat!  The cinamon later retreated and black came down a short time after that.  He did not want to share HIS lettuce patch,  You know, that could've been me a few miutes earlier, as I was in his patch as well...whew!  Close call!!!!
 Look at that giant (tree that is); isn't she awesome?!  There is her again below up on Moro Rock, taunting na na na na na (remember the tune?)
 Just below the lettuce patch near Giant Tree Meadow, near the old visitor's center from the '60's.
 Beautiful Giants!
 So peaceful & serene...about 65 and no breeze!  So quiet and majestic in their presence, one can just feel spirits all around...
 Below phot is the place, over by those two giants, was the site of the original restaurant and several other buildings thru the '60's.  The above photo is the path that was just west of the location of the original visitor's center, from the '60's.  Environmentalists said the buildings were a detriment and harming the growth of the trees, and in fact would shorten their lives (impeding root growth, as they are very shallow, no more than 40" deep), so they removed all the buildings and relocated them up the road about a mile.
The new visitor center.
 No explanation needed here.
 Above, Moro Rock; and below too, looking southwest.
 Oh the panorama!
 I'm getting, where are my Zanax?
 I wouldn't trust that rail.  Don't look down.  That's what she kept saying...RIGHT!  How do you NOT look down?
 What a rock!
 What a view, 360 degrees, and all around too...deja vu???
 Creatures everywhere.
So ends our visit to the Sequoia National Park.  What an awesome day.  Our country is so beautiful, we just can't seem to get enough of it.  Thank you Lord for allowing us to enjoy your grandeur and handiwork.  Just magnificent and majestic!  Till next time, Joe & Nancy.