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Monday, July 23, 2012

Watford City, ND & Our Broken Windshield

After we left Fort Union Trading Post, just south of Williston, ND, we took off down HWYs 58 & 200 for Watford City Tourist Campground.  It was really HOT!  97 degrees and thunderstorms on the horizon (above).  Do you recall reading about the oil boom going on in north west North Dakota?  Let me tell you:  It is absolutely a boom situation in this part of the country, yes country, not just North Dakota.  We have never seen so man trucks and tankers of all sizes and shapes and any & all support services one can imagine going on here.  We have never seen so many makeshift campgrounds with thousands of campers set up, temporary housing homes, mobile home-motels, comnstruction everywhere, and oh, did I mention oil tanker haulers?  Guess what?  When they are on the road, you are taking chances with your life, as they know only one speed on those two lane narrow speedways (roads).  Look what one of them did to our windshield when one went by us at about 100mph.  We have these large cracks from top to bottom and nearly all the way across.  I'm really afraid to drive it very fast.  We are on our way to Elkhart, IN to have it replaced by our insurance company, with a $1,000 deductible.  Ouch!  Wednesday morning, July 25, is our appointment.
 We only wish we would have taken some pics of the many housing communities all over this part of the state.  After left here the next morning, we saw so many more down the highway, south, towards Theodore National Park, at Medora, ND, right along I-94.  They are just everywhere, and so many more trucks down on I-94 all heading to this boom area with services & supplies.  The Walmart in Williston was not even taking their stock off the pallets when their semis rolled in.  They just unload the pallets and leave them under large tents in the parking lot, and men just buy stuff by the cases right off the pallets. 
 There must be 200 of these drilling rigs all over this area, and this is not counting the ones already drilled and pumping crude oil & natural gas. 
We got up Friday morning, July 20, and headed south towards Theodore National Park, and the Red Trail RV Park in Medora, ND.  The next blog will cover our visit to this strangely beautiful national park.  So till then, Joe & Nancy driving the big (vibrating) wheels down HWY 89.  More about those wheels then too!

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