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Joe and Nancy
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Crater Lake National Park, OR

The next day at Klamath Falls (Kingsley Field ANG) we went up to Crater Lake National Park, about 40 miles up HWY 97/62 along side Upper Klamath Lake the first 15 miles or so.  We never did see a "Klamath Falls", but I assume there is one, or maybe used to be one.
 After arriving within the park boundary, we came upon a very deep ravine, with a little falls (Annie Falls).  Scary dropoff, straight down this steep cliffside about 400 feet.  And when we left Klamath Falls it was around 65 degrees.  At Annie Falls, 45.  And it got better!
 At the next turnout from the falls were these peculiar looking things.  They're called Fumaroles.  I'm sure everyone has heard of these things and seen many as well.  It certainly was our first, and the first time we ever saw the word!
 Can you sense the temperature has dropped any?  It's reading 34 now, and we just heard on the radio that it was 100 plus across most of the country.  Wish we could email some of this out there.
 It was snowing to beat the band when we arrived here at the visitor center, and it had already snowed 4" this morning.  Below was on the way to the lake at the top, where the lodge and restaurant are located.
 Cute, a little snowman.  And me dodging snowflakes with my camera.  A winter wonderland, a week before July 4th.  How strange is that I ask?
 The gift shop & restaurant and a socked in Crater Lake.  But we got some sun after we had dinner in the restauant.
 It was eerily quiet and cold.
 It was almost blizzar conditions for about 10 minutes during the flurry.  We had to keep our cameras under cover, er, shirts.
 In the large great room between the lodge front desk and the restaurant, we waited our turn to be seated.  I'm checking email or playing slots.  Nancy hasn't a clue!  Not a great pic either.  Camera must full of snow or still chilled.  :))
 After lunch it cleared off a while so we could get some pics in with sunshine.
 Below, the balcony sitting area outside the great room.
 The great room looking towards the desk above, and towards the restaurant below.  The had two cozy fireplaces going in the great room, (gas logs) and it was comfy and everyone seemed to be relaxed with a glass of wine or drink of some sort waiting to be seated or just hanging out.
 After dinner we just walked along the sidewalk and snapped at will.  It was just awesome taking in the grandeur of the deep blue lake.  The lake is the deepest in North America.
 Reached way out for the below pic, 300mm plus.
 Some old relics of past winters hanging around for a while longer.
 It was still enough to grab reflections off the lake in many of the pics.  Neat!
 If it were a little warmer, we may have opted for a boat tour around the lake.  Only one place to enter the lake, as the sides are so steep.
 It may be difficult to see below how clear the lake is, but the brochure said it is the clearest lake as well, able to see a device at over 120 feet down in the lake.
 No streams enter or exit the lake.  All the water in the lake is from rain & snow, and it leaks or evaporates at about the same rate as it recieves precip.  How interesting is that?
 Careful Nancy, it is slippery there.  If a person fell over the edge here, I think would not stop till they hit the lake.
 Another snowball fight is happening so I'll stay clear.  A winter wonderland, on June 24.
 When we arrived up here, both Rim drives were closed, east & west.  By the time we left, around 3 I would guess, the west rim had opened, but the east rim did not. 
 The mirror images and clear, still, deep water pics were just gorgeous.
 Caught Miss Nancy reading the info boards on the geology of the area, inside the viewing balcony on the ledge.
 Deep drifts walking back up from the viewing balcony area and below is the lodge in a scene right out of the Swiss Alps.
Well, that about wraps our visit to Crater Lake, and boy was it enjoyable and educational as well.  Hope to return one of these days when it's summer.  Hmmm, I'm told that never ocurrs here...That's ok, we're still coming.  Maybe we'll try August next time.  So, till the next time, RVing Beach Bums headed back to Klamath Falls.