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Joe and Nancy
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Villages, Florida

Dodging raindrops one evening at the Brownwood Village Plaza, listening to Rocky & the Rollers Oldies Band.  From the left, Cousin Chuck (who resides n the Villages), Mary Jane, Miss Nancy, and Kay, Chuck's friend.  Larry is dancing by himself to the left.
Told ya!  Here is kicking it up.  Note the wet dance floor.  Normally, when Rocky pays, this place is jammed, but the showers kept people indoors.
He caught me "stealing" a pic of him jigging & jagging, er, dancing.
After the showers passed, people (mostly old farts hanging around old farts) came out of nowhere within an hour and the place was rocking to Rocky and his Rollers.
Rocky & the Rollers; great sounds and memories:  Where were you when this was a hit?  Better yet, do you remember who you were with when this was playing on our little hand-held transistor radios in hi-fidelity AM mono?
Miss Nancy and Cousin Cathy...two Babes!
Larry & his son David, at a local eatery in the Villages.  David and his family were vacationing in FL with his parents.  We played a few rounds of golf and had a fun time with them.  The onion rings were fantastic here at Plaza One.
David's wife (brain fart: can't remember her name, my apologies) and their two kids, with Aunt Cathy.
Larry & David on one of the championship courses in the Villages.  Wow, do they have some great courses or what?  I could live here part time, like, maybe snowbird maybe?
Another day, another course.  I managed to play about ten times with Larry, and his Brother Chuck while home-steading in Bushnell.  I could play everyday.  Just wish I could improve my score!  :-(
Well, I'll keep this blog short.  But before we go, I do want to thank Cathy for inviting us to a night out at one of Orlando's concert/theater halls to take in the play Jersey Boys.  What a treat.  More oldies, and a story to boot about Frankie Valle and the Four Seasons making it big in New Jersey.  So that's a wrap.  RVing Beach Bums signing off from Munising, Mich.

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