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Joe and Nancy
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Disney World With Cousins

Before we left our snowbird location in Bushnell, we spent a beautiful spring day with my cousins and spouses at Epcot.
From the left, Cousins Cathy, Linda (Charlene), Cousin-in-Law Mary Jane and Miss Nancy, my partner of 46+ years, fellow photographer & blogger, and of course my best friend and wife.  It got pretty warm this day, so a bench in the shade was a welcome perch.  Cathy lives in Ocala, along with her Mother, my Aunt Dorothy.  Linda lives in California with her hubby, Shah and were on vacation visiting her friends and relatives back east.  Mary Jane, wife of Cousin Larry; they have a place in the Villages and snowbird there.
Larry, crazier than your's truly, acting up with Goofy.  Larry had been looking of a gathering of characters all day, supposedly to take pics for their grandkids.  Nope!  I'm convinced that he was "flashing-back" to his post diaper days of the Mickey Mouse Club days.
I rest my case!  Want more evidence?  OK!
I think Mary Jane was beginning to get in the swing of things too.  I think are potential character possibilities.
I wonder what Minnie whispered in Larry's ear to warrant a smooch.  Minnie seems to have enjoyed the smooch.  :-)
Minnie asking Miss Nancy if she'd be interested in being the Goofy character.  :-)
Shah & Larry with Pluto under a shade tree.  It must be really hot under those heavy costumes.  I guess when you are young and in decent shape, it's no big deal.
Poor Tigger, and the hot sun in that costume...where's my sweat towel, he's making me sweat just looking at him.  It was about 80 that day.  Larry's shirt kinda blends well with Tigger.  I think he could be a good Tigger.
I didn't get a pic of Larry with Donald, but he did catch with him and Mary Jane got a few pics "for the Grandkids"!  LOL
OK, we got talked into posing with a few characters as well.  Here with my old pal from the mid-fifties, Mickey, me & Miss Nancy.
What?  No kiss for Mickey?  :-(
Minnie & Miss Nancy
We did get around to a few rides and here is Shah and Cousin Linda, (whom I called Charlene growing up in Ohio).  Her middle name is Charlene.  I assume Linda became her choice of the immediate family in California many years ago.  I'm ok with Linda.  In the shadowy background is Nancy & Larry.
A selfie...sorry!  And on that note, an end to this blog.  What a very nice day with my cousins at America's amusement park.  We managed to spend a few more days with my cousins in and around Orlando, Ocala, and the Villages (playing golf with Larry).  Thanks for the memories.  (Credit to Mr. Hope of course).  Till the next blog, RVing Beach Bums signing off from Munising, Mich.

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