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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Abraham Lincoln Burial Site, Springfield, IL

So, it seemed only fitting, while in Springfield August 21, to visit Abraham's final resting place.  After all, this would be the "end of the story", if Paul Harvey ever penned those words...The President's family is interred with him here as well, except for one son.
From Wiki:  Lincoln Tomb is the final resting place of the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, and three of their four sons. It is located in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois. At the close of the events marking Lincoln's death, his body was placed in a nearby receiving tomb and later in the state tomb. The mausoleum is owned and administered by the State of Illinois as Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site. It was designated one of the first National Historic Landmarks in 1960, and thus became one of the first sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1966, when that designation was created.
Above is the receiving tomb where the Mr. Lincoln was placed prior to relocating up the hill and in background, the permanent mausoleum. 
The residence for the custodian hasn't been used for years, but is still used as office and storage space.
Some of these bronze statues below were made from former cannons from the Civil War era.
Inside the mausoleum are several cast bronze statues of the caricature of Mr. Lincoln.
We never knew that such efforts were made for Mr. Lincoln and his family.  This is truly an extraordinary final resting place for one of America's greatest heroes.  Arguably, the greatest leader we ever had.
I found this storyboard most interesting.
So, that is about all we have on the burial site of Abraham Lincoln in Springfield, IL.  Oh, one more pic I want to add here, is one of my Aunt Darlene.  She is my Mother's youngest Sister and she resides here in Springfield with her daughter Nora and Son Blake.  Her husband, Samuel "Lee" Carrier was my Father's younger Brother, passed away about 10 years ago.
Love you Aunt Darlene...RVing Beach Bums signing off from Stephens Point, WI.

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