Joe and Nancy

Joe and Nancy
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pacific Coast Highway

Caught this flying over our campground this morning.  It was at the golf tournament this weekend, and I assume it is on it's way to the next event, which is in LA this weekend.  OK, it is Wednesday morning and I will blog one last time before leaving later this morning.  Yesterday we drove several miles down the PCH and just couldn't resist snapping off a few pics of the beautiful shoreline and crashing surf.  This area is certainly one of the most memorable and rewarding places we've ever visited.  Rewarding in that it will provide some of the memorable scenes anywhere.  So, this blog will be all pics from here on, and very little monologue.  Enjoy!
 And this big guy perched himself on the wire to enjoy the view with us.  I think it is one of many Golden Eagles we've seen out here.
Well, after a bite to eat, we're off to Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon, near Mt Whitney.  Hopefully most of the roads will be open to acommodate our visit.  So, till then, RVing Beach Bums.