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Joe and Nancy
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monterey And Pebble Beach Golf

Looking out to sea from the 18th green at Pebble Beach through Monterey Bay.  The Lodge is to the right and behind me, while most of the course is to the left, as is Carmel, Clint Eastwood's former mayoral town.  He is also the chairman of the Monterey Pennisula Golf Foundation and presented the Champion's trophy Sunday at the AT&T Pro Am.
 Carmel to the left and Carmel Highlands to the right, and beyond is Big Sur, Fort Hunter-Liggett and points south along PCH.
 Above, looking down the 18th fairway towards the tee box, Carmel Beach in the background.
 Around the practice green in front of the Pebble Beach Lodge & shops, and just behind the first tee.
The manufacturers and sponsors are proud to show their wares to all.
 These Border Collies, Lucky & Lady, 10 years & 3 years respectively in age, belong to the course superintendent.  One of their responsibilities were to run the geese and coots off the course, primarily the holes that were along the shore.  At his command, they were off like two jack rabbits and chasing to their heart's content.  Note their eagerness and readiness for the command.  In fack, Lucky was trembling with anticipation and anxiety.
 And off they go....
 Above, looking back down the 18th and the grandstands & skyboxes ($$).  Leaderboard is to the left.  Nancy spent Thursday & Friday on this green, and I was here on Thursday.  I was in the fairway on Friday on 18, and Nancy was on 17 on Sat and I was on the 18th tee Sat.  We were off on Sunday.  Watched it on TV like most everyone else in America did.  Below is Rod Pamplin on Wednesy practicing, and talking on his cell phone.  Actually he is on a video call using Facetime and he is showing his caller the course & surf.  Something, the technology we have these days.
 George Lopez & Kenny G teeing off on 17 on Wednesday.
Kenny G is a 2 handicapper...good golfer!
 Above, Darrius Rucker, aka, Hootie, of Hootie & the Blowfish...
 Matt Cain pitcher for the Giants (on the left with the Loudmouth pants).
 Harris Barton of the 49ers...
 Mike Krukow, former pitcher and announcer fot the Giants.
 Darrius Rucker below...
 Above, Alex Smith, QB for the 49ers...
 Nancy and yours truly on the 18th tee...
Nancy taking a break...and it was cold today!
 Tree in spring bloom in our campground (first 7 days, Monterey Pines FamCamp)
 Not sure what this flowering plant is called...
 Looking down the street in the FamCamp...
 Above, a protective screen which prevents most golf balls from hitting the campers.  Number three hole is just over the screen, of Monterey Pines Course.
 The view out our front coach window, hole number 2.
 And these last three pics are at the Monterey Fairgrounds on the other side of the Monterey Pines Golf Course.
Well, here it is Tuesday, Feb 14 (Happy Valentines Day to all our followers) and it is clean-up pack-up day, as we will be pulling out tomorrow morning for points south.  We will attempt to stay around the Visalia area and visit the Sequoia & Kings Canyon NPs, but that will depend on the weather.  So, till then, Joe & Nancy, the RVing Beach Bums.