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Joe and Nancy
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Las Vegas to Monterey, CA

This will be a short blog, but I didn't want to wait too long between letting you readers know where we are and what was next.  We left Las Vegas Monday morning (1/30) and headed for Edwards Air Force Base.  Well, we didn't stay at Edwards.  Instead we pulled into a K-Mart in Tehachapi, CA, just beyond Edwards and Boron.  Along the way we stopped at a rest area near Boron, CA (20 Mule Team Road was parallel to the highway rest area).  And while stopped there, we fixed our lunch and were treated to an air show.  Edwards AFB was right down highway 58 about two miles.
Any idea what this monstrosity is yet? Here are a few more pics.
Right you are!  It is a B2 stealth bomber, aka, The Wing Bomber.  It flew over us twice, and I was ready.  I used a 300mm to snap these off, so the pics aren't the sharpest.  But it was huge and just awesome. And apparantly, this plane is so protected when in the air, no matter where and for how long, it always has escorts in the air with it.  This guy had two escorts flying along with it each time it passed over head.  I think they were F-16's or F-22 Raptors.  Here are a couple pics of the escorts.
Well, we woke up in the K-Mart parking lot and it was cold, about 30 degrees.  Brrrrr! Tehachapi is high, about 4000 feet plus.  We fixed some hot oatmeal with brown sugar, molasses and raisens and got on the road to Monterey.  Here are a few more pics of the B2, and a pic of the rocket test facility that was right across the desert about five miles from the rest area, in the northern part of the base.
So, we drove on down highway 58 to I-5 to highway 46 and Paso Robles, and finally into Monterey Pines RV Park (part the Monterey Post Graduate School complex).  We got here about 4 o'clock, and road tired.  It's a long way across this beautiful country, and we enjoyed every mile.  But it is nice to be settled in for a couple of weeks.  We set up camp here and do a little sight seeing along the coast, and over into the hills, and get ready for the AT&T Pro-Am next week.  Till the next blog, RVing Beach Bums.