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Joe and Nancy
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kings Canyon National Park

 The Visitor's Center is at 7000 plus feet, so it didn't surprise us that there was snow here.  Around 40 degrees and no breeze, so it was pleasant walking around.
 The main attraction here near the visitor center is Grant's Grove, a large grove of giant Sequoias.  And we captured some of them in our pics.  Hope you enjoy them as much as we did snapping them.  They are just breath taking.
 This fallen giant was actually used as a "cabin" for two years by the Gamlin brothers while they were building their real cabin.  Later they used it as a bar, eatery, and the Calvary even used later as a stable for up to 32 horses.
 I could ramble on about these marvelous grand giants of nature.  But the pics say it it all.
 Lightning got the tree to the left many years ago.  The trees are resistant to fires and insects, as they posses natural chemical makeup to repel all insects, and their bark is so thick, that it protects the inner tree, hence, growth for many centuries.  The trees go through major fires on average every 13 years, so if some of these giants are 1500 years old, that's a lot of heat they've endured.  Man's harvest has been their biggest threat during their lifetimes.
 Above, an infant Sequoia.  They can grow 3 feet each year.
 The grove had quite a few visitors, as it was a gorgeous day to be there, and it was Saturday.  Kings Canyon was quite a drive away however.  From where we were camped, Horse Creek, we drove about 60 miles through back roads and Pinehurst, CA.  The return trip had us going through Fresno, and a stop at one of our favorite eateries, Sweet Tomatoes, and this return trip wound up being about 70 miles.  Gas prices are horrendous here in CA.
 On our way out of the park, we did manage to snap off a few pics of the Sierra Navada peaks.  And below is Hume Lake, a man made lake that was used to power a lumber mill over a hundred years ago.  The lake is now used primarily by the Hume Lake Christian Camp.  We drove through the camp, and it is HUGE!  Up to 200 visitors per week, all year visit camp here.
 Above, one of the slopes for the campers.  Below, the full size hockey rink, and they have a Zamboni for grooming the ice.  And in the summer it's used as basketball courts.
 Below is the snow groomer in action.
 And below is a view up King's Canyon towards the peaks.
 Caught this little guy posing for me.  Below, I caught him "scratching".
So ends our visit to the two NPs here in the Sierra Nevada's.  It was rewarding.  It's Sunday morning, so time to get cleaned up and head to services, and drive on to the Mojave Desert.  So, till the next time, RVing Beach Bums.