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Joe and Nancy
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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Route 66 Museum, Clinton, OK

Couldn't help but take a few pics of these colorful poster/old post card memorabilia moments.
This was neat museum, and it held a lot of memories for me when I traveled down just about every mile from Chicago area to somewhere in the LA area.
In case you were wondering, here are a couple pics that show the route thru the States.
I took a lot of pics-of-pics, so I hope they are all clear enough to read and enjoy.  Just click on any pic and it will be enlarged, and to go back, just click off the pic.
It's amazing to me what these workers and local citizens went thru to make this highway a reality for future pioneers and explorers.
I thought these boards of newspaper articles thru the life of the famous Route 66 were done well, and each one has several events for a specific period in world and national history.
It's already a long blog with the pics alone, so I will minimize any additional comments.

If you are ever in Clinton, OK, I would recommend a stopover and take a couple hours to enjoy the ride.  I think the cost was around 8 bucks, but worth it.

Ike's Interstate Highway initiative with Congressional authority for funding, spelled the end of Route 66, eventually, of it's place in as America's highway.  I realize there are other major highways, like the Lincoln, old A & P highway, PCH, 99 & 101, 1 along the east coast and 2 along the Canadian border, but where else could one really "Get Their Kicks"?
I mentioned earlier that if you are ever in Clinton to stop in here to view, but shoot, why would you?  I have provided just about all you could see, except for the few videos that are there.
Stop Nancy!
Standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona, has a nice ring to it doesn't it?
We did get us a t-shirt and a little fridge magnet.
Finally, that's it!  RVing Beach Bums signing off.  This blog published contemporaneously from Lakewood, WA Panera's on July 8. 2015.

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