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Joe and Nancy
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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Florence, OR

While getting some annual maintenance and our A/C repaired at the Monaco shop in Coburg, OR, June 3-5, we drove down route 126 to the little quaint ocean side town of Florence.  We were somewhat concerned when we saw this poster along the Siuslaw River, just about a mile from the P-Ocean.  They in fact did receive some damage from the Tsunami several years ago from the Japan earthquake.  
I'll take a picture of just about anything, and this proves it.  I thought it was pretty clever, if not amusing.  Below, boats at the marina on the river.  It was an overcast day, but pleasant.
Miss Nancy checking out the little creatures enjoying the shore from a low tide.
Had a nice boardwalk along the river with a few nice shops and cafes.  A lot of the buildings have been refurbished but still maintain their period ambience.  We sat for a bit but didn't partake of any of the town cuisines.  Instead, we opted for the American Buffet at the Three Rivers Casino and Hotel about a mile out of town.  Yummy!  And of course I fed the multi-button bandits (AKA One-Armed Bandits) and low and behold, we came out ahead, by $22.  That's rare...
A couple of old buildings still standing and serving...
Cute!  A water fountain for me, kids, and doggies...
On the beach near the mouth of the Siuslaw River, we saw several makeshift cabins built from the thousands of pieces of driftwood everywhere up and down the beach.  Below, me walking up the beach looking for Sand-dollars and shells.
Well, I was going to put our Newport, OR pics in here with this blog, but instead to a separate blog for Newport.  So, on to the next blog as RVing Beach Bums sign off for now.  This blog was published contemporaneously from Lakewood, WA Panera's Bread on July 9, 2015.

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