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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Klondike Gold Rush NM, Seattle, WA

From Wiki:  Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park is a National Historical Park commemorating the Klondike Gold Rush of the late 1890s. The gold rush was in the Yukon Territory, and this park comprises staging areas for the trek there, and routes leading in its direction. The park consists of four units: three in the Municipality of Skagway Borough, Alaska and a fourth in the Pioneer Square National Historic District in Seattle, Washington.  This blog will be about the latter, in Seattle, WA.
I could offer words in this blog, but would not bring anything more than what the story boards will say that I will include here in this blog.  So, I hope you enjoy your walk through this tour of this small, yet informative story of the crazy-wild, adventurous folks seeking their fortunes. 
Pics of pics are a neat way to share what is actually seen and tells the story, in pictures, of the events.  They are so illustrative of the real view of the horrible conditions and hardships encountered by everyone seeking their fortune.  Unfortunately, a very small percentage ever found it.
Above, the Chillkoot Pass from Skagway.  An awesome pic of the thousands of prospectors and others seeking a  means of fortune, trudging up the pass.
While in Seattle, we took a couple interesting pics of the football stadium and other buildings.
Well, that about wraps up our blog on the Klondike Gold Rush from the Seattle perspective.
So, RVing Beach Bums signing off.  This blog written and published from Coburg, OR on July 28, 2015.