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Thursday, April 18, 2013

WW II Re-enactment at DBHP

It was a cold weekend for the annual World War II re-enactment at Dade Battlefield Historic State Park.  Of course it was our first experience and we were surprised by the turnout, both of the participants anr the audiences, in spite of a cold, windy and cloudy weekend.  The re-enactment lasted for about a half hour and was performed each day.  In addition, the companies performed live fire (blanks) of several period weapons, and was quite interesting.
It was a 2-day event and brought out more people than I thought in spite of the weather.  The re-enactors come from all over and they perform several throughout the years in various locals.  Some are local volunteers of the Park.  Steve Kent (retired educator/principal) played the part of the German officer, and did quite well.  He also performs in the Seminole Wars re-enactment every year as well.  He also did a skit on Sat night in the lodge as Abbott (Abbott & Costello).  The skit was "Who's on First" baseball.
Steve is on the right above.  A local high school (Bushnell) jazz band performed throughout the evening.  The skit went well and they both remembered all their lines.
Above, one of the encampments of the companies over the weekend.
Above, park volunteers & the Park Manager setting up a WWll period mess hall tent.  It was not easy!  Below is the tent assembled, 3 hours later, and after assistance from one of the re-enactors who has experience.
Here are a few pics of the re-enactment and the folks who attended the event.
Above, an innocent French citizen lies mortally wounded by the Germans after helping the American GI's.
Germans outnumbered, finally surrender, with little casualties.
Above, Park Manager, Bruce Whiting and volunteer Chris.
Above, one of the several WWll vets who were able to attend the event.  Thank you for your service gentlemen and welcome home.  My Father served 2 years during that war.
Sat night was full of skits, singers, period music and finger foods available for all to enjoy.  A fun time for the participants and volunteers.
Above, Kristin Wood, one of the Park Rangers (and our coordinator) serving cookies & brownies. Note her period dress.
Dimitri (our "Mad Russian" volunteer) and Kristin at the Park's tent selling crafts & media of the history of the Park.
Above, volunteers Scott & Nancy "manning" the gate.  So ends another day & event at Dade Park in Bushnell.  I am still behind several blogs, but will attempt to catch the closer we get to leaving here in about 3 weeks.  It has been a fun & challenging at times period in our RVing adventures.  So, until the next blog, Joe & Nancy, RVing Beach Bums.