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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Eggs In the Park

It took 6 volunteers and two rangers to hide (and that term is used very loosely) 2000 eggs in the park, Dade Battlefield Historic Park.  It was the Saturday before Easter, and we had a beautiful day for the hunt.  We had approximately 300 kids from toddlers to 14.  We set up 3 different hunts for 3 different age groups, and were conducted simultaneously.  It was uncontrolled chaos, as you might imagine.
All are waiting for the start of the hunt.  Did I say Chaos?  It was fun chaos though.
Miss Kristin explaining the prizes inside some of the eggs, and the table in front of her are the prizes.
Park Manager, Bruce, Nancy, Kristin and other volunteers before the arrival of the "hunters".
Volunteer Terri putting a "Florida Panther face" on volunteer Scott.  We had several animals dress out for the occasion.
Dimitri, our "Mad Russian" volunteer, volunteer (name unknown), Nancy and Park Manager Bruce.
Manatee, Eagle, and Panther passing out free pizza coupons prior to the hunt.
The hunt begins.  This only one.  The other two are beyond the trees & behind me here.
Our volunteer clown (Judy) passing out coupons.
My daughter Natalie & her Son, Mason looking for eggs.
Ranger Jim handing out prizes for numbers in the eggs.
Clown and some happy "hunters";
And here are the lucky first, second and third place winners in each age group who found the most eggs.
And of course, the egg (raw) toss.
I did say uncooked!
Everyone was involved it seemed, on the 2-4 age group hunt.
And of course the old egg in the spoon race.
And of course the young lassies in their Easter finery, posing for their time in the lens!  How nice is this?
Volunteer Darryl (Eagle) and Scott (Panther) picking up their unbroken egg.
Miss Kristin, our volunteer coordinator at the Park, handing out coupons to the contest winners & runners-up.  Miss Kristin is a real dynamo in the park.  She plans & conducts and sets up many events in the park throughout the year.  She really enjoys her work.
Well, this wraps up our blog for now, so till the next time, Joe & Nancy, the RVing Beach Bums from Bushnell, FL.