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Joe and Nancy
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Monday, April 22, 2013

Easter With Natalie & Family

Natalie, Omoni, & kids Maile, Max, Margie & Mason arrived Friday evening from their long drive from Va Beach.  I built a campfire at our site in the park and we had us a marshmallow roast.
At the "Eggs in the Park" event on Sat morning, Max, Margie, Maile & Mom, Natalie getting ready for the egg hunt.
Omoni & Margie hunting eggs...
And here is a pic with all the Grands & Nat just before the hunt..
Margie & Max getting their eggs for the spoon race from Miss Kristin.
After the hunt, a little fun on the swings in the park...
I know I can fit in this seat, if I could only find a place for this foot.  Poor Mason!
After an exhausting egg hunt, Margie was ready for a little relaxation back at the Microtel pool.
It was a beautiful day for the pool.
Easter morning & time to get to the baskets and the goodies...Margie & Maile
Max is a little excited about his remote operated monster truck.
Mason getting into his basket.
It is amazing how little it takes to get such wonderful reactions.  We enjoyed their visit with us.
Mason playing with his "Mutyangs".  (His term for Mustangs.)
And back at the park after church services in Dade City, our Grands with Mom & Dad take a spin around the park in the Ez-Go gator.
Well, this wraps up our blog on sharing Easter with our Daughter and Grands & Omoni.  Again, it was so nice sharing our time making memories for them, and us as well.  We made a trip to Disneyworld a few days later, and that blog will be written in a day or so.  For now, Joe & Nancy say so long till the next blog.