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Joe and Nancy
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Break with Natalie's Family at Disneyworld

Spring break brought not only Natalie's family but Jennifer's too.  Unfortunately, they were different weeks, ie, Nat was here the week before Jen.  But they did have one common day the kids could all get together at Nat's place in Altamonte Springs.  Above, Nat & her kids in Dumbo.
Exiting the turnpike cars ride.
Nat & Margie in Dumbo...
Maile & Mason racing down the turnpike...
Omoni & Max coming down the homestretch...
Margie & Max in the mister as it was a warm day in the Magic Kingdom.  And I'm so glad we had good weather for most of the two weeks for their vacations.
Nancy, Omoni, Maile & Natalie moving on to another adventure...
With Mason at less that 3 years old, he was limited in what rides he could enjoy, plus he was a little intimidated on most he could ride.  So, Grandma & I had guard duty, which is OK, as we just had fun watching them and knowing we were making memories for our children and grandchildren.
Just across the plaza from Dumbo was a group of water-jet wagons.  And Max got soaked.  The sun went behind some clouds and he got a little cool, but the sun came back out, and he dried off and got warm.
Omoni, Mason, Maile & Margie in line for another adventure.  Oh, did I mention it was spring break at Disneyworld?
The end of the adventure.  :-(  On Main Street with Cinderella's Castle in the background.  We wore them out...uh, not really:  They wore us out, but oh was it fun being with them.  They spent another day in the Orlando area as Omoni visited some relatives.  Their drive home was wet & cool.
Well, so ends another blog.  Our next blog will report the events & memories we made with Jennifer's family vacation the following week.  No time to rest!  So till then, Joe & Nancy, RVing Beach Bums at Dade Battlefield Historic State Park in Bushnell, FL.