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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Christmas With The "Grands"

Austin, Alexandra (Ali), Max & Margie acting up a bit for Pop Pop.  Aren't the holidays exciting?
Cold outside, so let's create a few "Van Gogh's".
Margie in the caboose of the train ride at Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor on the Potomac.
Nancy, Natalie & Maile (texting, after all what else is a 14-year old supposed to do) and watching the train go round.
Max.  He was just about too old for this child's play.  But he went along for the ride.  :-)
Maile & Nat at the Chinese eatery.  Potomac River out the window.
Nice lady took this pic of our entire family on the way to lunch.  It was a cold, windy day.  Kids don't even notice the weather.
Santa had a tough time holding on to a squirming Mason.  Poor Max is being squished.  And Ali's little pigtail, cute!
Gingy, the cookie at the Gingerbread House inside Gaylord's.  Kids were dancing with Gingy.
Decorating cookies.
Not much into this decorating thing, but can get into the eating part. Mason.
That cookie was good!  Time to reflect on our masterpieces!
Time for opening presents.  What is it about kids & surprises & presents.  Oh the joy of Grands & Christmas.  Thank you Lord for the gifts.
Here Mommy, what is this?
"Ali, let me try"!
Ali, loving her new baby & in her new dress, over jeans.  Isn't that the latest craze?
Time to burn some of those cookies off back at the hotel.
Max.  Hmmm!  Bet that leaves a mark.  A big red one.
The whole gang at Jen's house.
It's all about the young, and the young at-heart.  And of course the "Christ" in Christmas!
Time for goodbyes and tears as a joyful & thankful time comes to an close.  Making memories for our Grands.  After all, what else is there to do for Grands. Until next blog, Joe & Nancy, from Bushnell, FL.

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