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Joe and Nancy
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Solemn Ending to a Wonderful 2012

After our family reunion last August in Oregonia, OH, we spent another 8 weeks at my Sister Debbie's home there in Oregonia.  During that 8 weeks I visited my Mother many times at her nursing home.  I also had the pleasure of visiting with my Brother Greg in Cincinnati a few times.  Now it goes without saying that there were many family get-togethers during that 8 week period, but I want to highlight my Mother Shirley, and my Brother Greg.  On November 1 and December 1 respectively, they both passed from this life to be with the Lord.
I miss them both, and I think of them every day.  I will take their images with me into eternity.
My Aunt Norma (Mother's Sister) and Mother at Greg's funeral in Lebanon.
My Mother & Jason Carrier, Greg's only offspring, who lives in Lakeland, FL.  A fine young man.
My Parents, late '40s I'm told.
And my handsome younger Brother Greg, during his Army days.
During and after that 8-week period, we did manage to get some quality time in with our daughters and their children.  Apple-picking is always a perennial affair enjoyed by all.
And we always seem to get all the help we need to carry in the harvest!
That harvesting can take a lot out of you.  Time for a little ride and relaxation in a cow train.
Giddyup, whatever you are....
After supper back at the camper, time for a little lovin' around the campfire.
And the next day found us driving up on the Skyline Drive, and lunch at Skyland.  Of course some of us had to burn some of those calories playing on the rocks & leaves of autumn.
We never tire of the aesthetics of the Appalachians.
Yours truly taking in a tune being performed by a local folk singer.
A leisurely stroll on one of the trails close by Skyland.  Austin, Jennifer & her husband, Pete. 
Now, it's nighty-night time in the camper.  And that about wraps up this blog time as well.  I am doing this blog on February 19.  Obviously, I have been lazy and pre-occupied over the past 3 months.  I have lots to share and show over the next few blog entries as I get caught up.  Please excuse my tardiness in posting our life events as we prepare for our 2013 journey.  Till then, Joe & Nancy, the RVing Beach Bums, currently in Bushnell, FL


  1. so sorry for the loss of your mom and brother. our condolences to you both.

  2. Heartfelt condolences to you for the loss of your loved ones.