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Joe and Nancy
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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our Florida Journey Begins

The morning of our departure, January 8, and a glimpse of the Grands' toys parked in the garage.  We miss them and the daughters of course too.
Our backyard and the pier, boathouse & bird feeders and the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River, in Virginia Beach.  While we are away, Natalie and the four Grands occupy the house.
Miss Diplomat awaits anxiously for points south.  She's all loaded up and ready to escort us to our next journey to Florida.
Our "bricks & sticks" and leafless oaks will be home for Natalie and her clan while we are away.
Our first stop, somewhere just north of Fayetteville, NC at a Flying J truck stop.  We spent the night here and it wasn't too noisy.  Note the cheap fuel costs on the sign.  Wow!  I wish we could've bough & stored a bunch of this then.  Now, diesel is running around 4.15...glad we are stationary for now.
My Father, feeding my nephew, Paul, in 1967.  My Father passed from this life on Jan 1, 1969, 3 months after serving as my best man at our wedding on Oct 12, just 3 months earlier.  As I leave Virginia for Florida, and having laid to rest my Mother a month before our departure, and my Brother Greg a month before that, one can get a little melancholy.
I think of my Father often.  He left us way too early.  But memories are what we have, and that is what keeps them in our mind's eye forever.  Greg (in the middle crouched down), and Mother, Shirley, far right are also now memories.  Loving ones!  Family!  Isn't that what life is all about after all?  Life would be so much less without family.  Memories.  Make a memory today for your family.  Joe & Nancy, from Bushnell, FL, 3 March, 2013.

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