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Joe and Nancy
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Holidays With Our Family

During our 8-week stay at my Sister Debbie's home in Oregonia, we managed to spend a week in the motor home up at the Ryder Cup in Chicago.  It was held at the Medina CC, and the Europeans whipped us.  Sad!  Here s a pic of their club house and putting green.  Nice!
Tiger & his caddy.  I was a ADA shuttle driver and Nancy drove the golfers and their families to & fro the hotels each day.  
Their were many VIPs attending the affair.  Here is Mr. Trump.
We were camped at Great Lakes FAMCAMP right on Lake Michigan the first few days.  Nice, and I caught a nice 8 pound steelhead salmon right in the marina harbor.
Got home (Virginia Beach) in time to celebrate Halloween with Natalie's kids, Margaret, Maxwell & Mason. 
"Here Pop Pop, try this piece".
Thanksgiving found our daughters & and G'children in Virginia Beach.  It was fun time for reflection, fellowship-bellyship, and playing games and catching up on the events we all had and shared during the past 10 months.
Our first G'baby, Maile.  Wow, 14 already.  What a beautiful young lady!  Jennifer in foreground.
A little cool, as is expected for late November.  Marge, Natalie, Omani & Mason rocking on the front porch.
Time to burn off some of that turkey dinner.  Your truly, Austin & Pete.
The G'kids getting into Polar Express.
Some of us burned calories in a different way.
And Maggie, Jen's Lab.  Her health had been going down hill for a while and she developed a large tumor (notice it on the right side near her tail), and zooming up to Feb 16, she was put down.  She is now in doggie-heaven with her sister & mentor, Reese, Jen's first baby, a choco lab.  :-(
We had visitor on our pier. We see them often scooping up fish from the river.  Sometimes they use the pier as their dinner table.
That about wraps up our time for this blog.  Above is a preview pic of our time in Northern Virginia at Jennifer's house & our hotel room & time in the pool.  I'll have many more pics of this fun time and celebrating Christmas again with our family.  Till then, Joe & Nancy from Bushnell, FL.

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