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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Trip to the Monaco Factory, Coborg, OR

We pulled into the Monaco Factory and Customer Service Center Friday afternoon (5/6) around 3:00.  And by arriving before they closed, we were able to get the appointment for service (warranty and annual maintenance) for Monday morning.  And the sad part:  In the Pacific Northwest there is lots of rain in the winter and spring.  It showered most of the next three days.  So we didn't do too much.
It did let up enough on Saturday for me to get out and grill some Kielbasa and brats.  Oh, I also relaxed under the slide with a glass of cab.  One of the items we wanted fixed was the front door.  It hasn't closed properly since we bought it last year, so we are hoping the factory can adjust it. 
We decided to chance the weather Saturday afternoon and venture out to a couple wineries.  The rains came off and on so we managed to get to only one.  We wanted to get to Tris Winery, but upon arriving there, it was closed.  The above (and below) pics were from the Sweet Cheeks Winery out in the country west of town near Junction City.  We tasted 7 of reds & whites from their "free" list, but didn't care for any of them so we moved on.  The tasting room was cozy though, as was the outside tasting area and surrounding hillsides.
This was our server.  Nice man, not pushy yet very descriptive on each tasting he poured for us.  While we were there, a large bus full of Delta Gamma girls from U of O (as they all say there in Eugene, OR) arrived and as you might guess, it got very noisy and busy.  So, we moved on.
Cute little rock/water garden in the outside cheese & wine sitting area.
As we drove around the Eugene/Coburg and surrounding countrysides, spring was evident everywhere.  All the azealas, dogwoods, rhododendron, tulips, fruit tree blooms, and many other wild and domestic flowers, as well as the lawns were deep green and just thick from the spring rains and cool temps.  It was enjoyable just driving around and looking at all the splendid colors Mother Nature had painted for us.
After spending several days around the Customer Service lounge, we heard different folks talking about this pizza plac down the street about a half mile in downtown Coburg (population 949).  So, on Tuesday afternoon (5/11) we decided to see for ourselves what all the hub bub was about.  Well, I am here to tell you, it was in fact the best pizza I have had since Athens, Greece some 35 years ago.  Coburg Pizza Company is right on Coburg Road in the middle of town (ha) and if you are ever in the area, and you like pizza, go there.  We had a large and we split from the menu.  Half our pizza was double pepperoni and half Emerald-Extra-Extra.  The ingredients were fresh and piled on.  We could only eat half, and saved the other half for later.  If you go to their website, check out their menu.  Makes you want to get on a plane and go just for pizza.  WOW!  We'll be back.  Well, it's Wednesday morning, and we are finished here in Coburg.  It's time to move on to Portland and Tacoma (to see my nephew and his family), and eventually on to Spokane, Missoula, Boise, Yellowston, Grand Teton and points east over the next few weeks.  So, till the next blog, Joe & Nancy signing off.  Oh, forgot to mention, we did go through the Monaco Factory tour, and it truly was a unique experience.  One thousand skilled craftsmen busy making motor homes and towables of their brands.  Navistar (parent company) makes Monaco, Holiday Rambler, Beaver and several other class A types and towables, including their plants in Indiana.  They prohibited anyone takng any photos, so I have none to offer.  Just imagine about 50-60 motorhomes and towables in various locations throughout the large factory and lots of noise and smells.  The paint shop was most interesting as there were about 15 ladies putting all the neat little curvy maskings on the sides of these huge motor homes.  And these beautiful paint schemes are all hand applied and painted, and afterwards with three clear coats.  Very impressive, these talented folks.

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  1. glad you enjoyed the tour of the factory!..nice to see where your rig started out!..
    the pizza sounded delicious!!!