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Joe and Nancy
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Pinedale to Casper, WY

This pic was taken right after we drove through Hoback Junction on the way to Casper, WY, with an overnight park-n-sleep in Pinedale.  We got a late start out of Jackson after church and lunch, so we didn't make it too far.  And here is another pic I took of the Diplomat and Jeep as well.  One of these pics will become our new header photo, as soon as can remember how to do it.
So, we made it down the backroads from Pinedale to Casper and about 300 miles later we rolled into the Fort Caspar RV Park.  When we arrived, Iwasn't feeling too well AGAIN!  I am so over this.  Anyway, we ran over to the Wyoming Medical Center (Hospital) who have noted Cardiac Care systems in place and a renowned group of cardiologists.  In short, We spent the night there.  I did a stress test and they took three sets of nuclear images of my old ticker and all is well.  So, thank the Good Lord I have a few more days left.
At church Sunday we met the folks who drove this from Missouri, and live in Alaska.  They ordered this specially built 4-wheel drive RV from a Missouri company and were on their way back home to Fairbanks.  The top lifts up six more feet to reveal bedding areas for their three children.  Interesting!
After the orientation film in the visitor's center the curtain opened up and revealed the Tetons.  Neat!
And just outside this is what it looked like.  Neater!
So, our time in Casper wasn't very enjoyable as we were kinda stuck in the hospital.  We didn't get the chance to do any exploring Casper or the surrounding sights.  The town seemed to have a lot going for it though.  So we will return hopefully next year and see our friends at the hospital (they all were so nice there) and explore the area a bit more, and get some memorable photos.  So, we'll leave Casper and head towards Custer, SD and hopefully take in Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse and other neat stuff.  So, till then, Joe & Nancy.  PS:  I'm feeling just fine!  :-))