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Joe and Nancy
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Custer State Park, SD

It was a cool start to the day and the threat of rain was going to be with us all day, so we had to make the most of the day before the rains came.  Our campsite at French Creek RV Park in downtown Custer :-) was muddy already and this next round of rain would only make it more of a lob-lolly.  We are so over this rain.
Buffalo and Pronghorn Antelope were everywhere.  And we ran into the neatest herd of burros/donkeys.  They were used to people.  How did we know that?  Take a look at these hilarious pics.
This old boy ate peanuts right out of my habd.  I had about a half-pound of old peanuts that were stale so we gave them to these poor hungry little burros.  Boy, did they have us fooled. :-)  There was about 30 of these little animals, some not do little, and a couple of very young ones.
The park also has a herd of about 1400 buffalo.  Each fall they do a roundup of the herd and the park/state puts on an auction and they auction off about 500 every fall.  The purpose id to keep the herd at a manageable number and also commensurate with the grazing acreage of the park.
Some of the antelope were rather indifferent to our presence.  They just went about their way as if we were not even there.
And they even had a "Praire Dog Town" section as well.  MOst of these little creatures were a little timid though and one had to use a tele-zoom to get an up-close shot of one.
I'll have some more of these little guys' photos in the next blog from Badlands NP.  We saw these horses late in the day after it had rained for an hour or so, and it still was drizzling a little, so I took these pics out the fron window of the Jeep.  So the pics are a little cloudy.  We actually spooked them and they quickly ran up the hill and into the woods.
Well, that just about sums up our two days at the RV park in Custer.  It was cold 50's and wet the whole time.  Our motor home was really muddy and nasty so we stopped in this RV wash about a block from the campsite, and we gave her a washdown with the wand power wash.  Not great, but a lot better than before.  It takes a lot of quarters to wash a 43 footer.  There was this huge sign that lit up at night, so I took a shot at it and it didn't turn out all that great, but here it is anyway.  The letters reminded me of the "HOLLYWOOD" sign in LA.  The tree limbs blocked a small part of the sign near the bottom.
Well, that's about it for this blog.  Next one will be about our time in the Badlands NP east of the Black Hills and Rapid City, and south of Wall, SD.  Till then, Joe & Nancy.