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Joe and Nancy
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lone Pine to Reno via US395

OK, we broke camp in Lone Pine, CA and headed up US395 to Reno, NV.  We will be back to Lone Pine if it's the Lord's will sometime in the future.  It is a beautiful place, and a few days does it little justice.  One would need about a month here to see all the curious things this area offers.  And a Jeep helps to get to places where most folks never go.  The photos in this blog were all taken by Nancy, on the go out the motor home front window, or following in the Jeep.  So the quality is a little lacking, but nonetheless a pleasure to view.  Here are a few more.
We were just mezmorized along the way to Reno.  The road is a little narrow and two lanes at times, but no problem if you just take your time and not get in a hurry.  It's about a 250 mile run, and it did take us about 6 hours to do get to Reno, but it was an enjoyable trip. 
We were told that when passing through Bishop to not miss going into Jack's Bakery and Restaurant, that it had some of the best bread and subs you'll ever taste.  But, as we passed it by in the motorhome, towing the Jeep, there was just no where we could stop safely without getting ourselves down a street with little or no room to turn around.  Oh well, maybe the next time.
The trip along US395 had several ups and downs that were pretty dramatic.  But again, taking our time made the those mountains no problem.  We had no scary "downs" as we did when we left Death Valley last week.  I hope we never have one of those days again.
Looks like we'll only be here in Reno for a couple days, and then head our for northern Cal on Wednesday.
The next blog will be about our day trip to Virginia City, a small mountain town about 30 miles south east of Reno.  Till then, RVing Beach Bums.