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Friday, April 29, 2011

St George, UT to Flagstaff & Return

When you're in Saint George, UT, there aren't many ways to get to Flagstaff.  Probably the shortest way is the way we went, and it's the way our Jeep Nav said as well, was drive to Hurricane and get UT59, go to UT389, go to Fredonia, AZ and get on AZ89A, and switch over to AZ89 to Flagstaff.  About halfway there you come to Navajo Bridge, just below Lee's Ferry about seven miles on the Colorado River.

There are actually two bridges here.  The original built in the twenty's, and then the newer one built in the ninety's.  The older one is used for tourists to walk out on and view the river below, about 300 feet down.

A private rafting group preparing and being inspected by NPS Rangers for a 14 day rafting adventure down the river.
Pumping air into the raft's cells prior to launching.
See the white rolls the man is getting ready to roll out?  Look what they turn out to be in the pic below.

I thought this sequence was neat as it was launched into the river.

Here is what those white rolls turned out to be:  Extra floatation devices for this large raft.  Check out the supplies on this big boy.  This was a local commercial company that was preparing to raft 15 folks 279 miles and about 33 days on the river.  WOW!

I eves-dropped this conversation and learned that three of the life jackets were not approved class 5 and therefore before these folks could go, they would need to get them replaced.  Luckily, they were not scheduled to depart till the next morning, so they had time to run to the supplier, about 30 miles away, and get them rplaced, at about $150 each.  Ouch!
I chatted with these young folks and learned they were going to be on the river for 19 days and were taking out at Peach Springs, AZ, about 30 miles from Seligman, AZ off Route 66.  We were there at that takeout place about a month ago while camped at the Grand Canyon.

What a nice beginning, about 500 yards down from where they put in at Lee's Ferry.  And this is classed as a ripple, not even a rapid.  Think I'll just watch.
Looking up river towards Lee's Ferry from Navajo Bridge.
Visitor's center for the bridge, as well as the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  The river here at this location is also the northern-most boundary for the Navajo Nation.

Between the bridge and Lee's Ferry, we came upon a bunch of these gargantuous rocks sitting up on these pedestals.  Remarkable!
I must say, whereever we have been throuout the Colorado River Valley, the scenery is just awesome.  Here was no exception. 
 OK, why were we going from St George, UT to Flagstaff and return?  Well, Easter morning we get a phone call from our daughter and she tells us she and her three kids are in Phoenix.  Their Father and Natalie's boyfriend happened to be in Phoenix visiting friends.  So we made arrangements on the spur-of-the-moment to rendezvous in Flagstaff for a little Easter get-together.

Maxwell and Margaret in our room at the Residence Inn.

Nancy, right after presenting Margie and Maxie their Easter gifts at lunch.
Mason, just learning how to "cruise" along furniture.  It was a short6 hour visit, but it was one that we'll remember for a long time.  It was a real treat to see at least three of our six grand children, since we left home in January.  And of course our daughter, Natalie, who'd picture I took didn't turn out too good, so I don't have one I can add here in this blog.  I just found one of her from Christmas.  Here she is holdinf Mason:

Sorry Nat, had to use this one.  Love you!
So, here ends another blog from the RVing Beach Bums.  We're stuck in St George awaiting a part for our washer, which arrives Tuesday.  So, we'll get that fixed and pull out Wednesday for warmer climes, and hopefully less windy.  Guess people just get used to the almost daily windy conditions here in the southwest.  Think we'll head for Death Valley NP next and perhaps on to Lone Pine, CA after that.  Till then, so long from Joe & Nancy.