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Joe and Nancy
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Las Vegas & Good Springs, NV

In front of the Golden Nugget and under the giant LED canopy of Fremont Street in Old Downtown, LV.  In the pic is Nancy, my Sister Debbie, and her Son, Walt, Jr.  While we did get to the real strip, I never really snapped any photos of that part of town.  They were in town attending the 92nd Annual AGC Convention.  This blog is about a week past due, so please forgive my tardiness.  They caught a plane back to Oregonia, OH on Saturday morning the 26th, so we did our good-byes on Friday.  My Sister was accompanied by her husband Walter, and Walt, Jr had his wife Dawn make the trip as well.
Walt and Dawn

Walt Jr and Walter watching a fountain show at the Miracle Mall Shops

My Sis Debbie and me, Joe

How the hell does this confounded camera work?  Beats me!

Walt and Debbie watching the laser light show on the huge canopy to the music of Don McLean and American Pie.

The four of them in the backseat of our Jeep.  Pretty tight back there.  Hey Little Walt, have you got any feeling in your left leg yet?  :-)  Walt says, "Get this thing going now"!  We certainly enjoyed our time with some of our family from back home in Ohio.  We hope to get by there in May sometime on our way back east.  Love you guys!

Saturday the 26th again was a gorgeous day in Las Vegas, so we headed out of town, south to the little mining ghost town of Good Springs.  From Wiki:  Named for Joseph Good, Goodsprings was once the heart of the most productive mining districts in Clark County. Over the years, lead, silver, copper, zinc, gold and silver have all been mined from this area. 
Goodsprings is currently the home of the Pioneer Saloon, considered to be one of the oldest saloons in Nevada (over 90 years old). The saloon houses a bullet hole on the side of the building and a coroner's letter describing how it was created. The saloon is said to be "haunted" by the victim's ghost by many. In addition, the Pioneer Saloon has a small memorial to both Clark Gable and Carole Lombard. Ms. Lombard's plane TWA Flight 3 crashed into nearby Potosi Mountain on January 16, 1942. The saloon and hotel were the centers of operations for the search. The accident resulted in her death.

We stopped and had a drink and took some pics inside.

Back gate to the Saloon is dedicated to the actress.

Miss Nancy relaxing with her Coke inside the Saloon.

Patrons at the bar.

Back porch of the Saloon

Another inside view

View of the Saloon and General Store next to it from across the street where a large department store once stood.  I am told that in the eary 1900s folks from the smaller town of Las Vegas came here to shop.

Foreground shows what's left of the foundation of the dept store (burned down) and a few storage buildings that still stand.  I read that the stone building to the left stored dynamite and black powder for the mining operations.

 Out of the the little hamlet about a half mile to the south west we came upon several old abandoned mines.

Wish we would've had some mining tools so we hack out all the gold here in this vein.  :-)
Down about 200 feet is the Jeep, and Nancy near the center of the pic.  Her knee still isn't 100 per cent, so she didn't climb up.

So, she did a little re-arranging in the Jeep.  Well, we went on around the mountain another half mile, and saw another 30 or 40 mine shafts and adits.  No kidding!  This mountain was just punctured with many holes.  I guess they did a bang-up operation here.  HA!  Gotta run for now, so till the next blog, Joe& Nancy